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Three Things Mrs. N Learned From #ArethaFranklin . . . #FridayMotivation #motivation #inspiration

Aretha Franklin, the Undisputed Queen of Soul, passed away yesterday. She'd been battling health issues and she left behind a huge legacy. Sure, she was a music legend and many women in music today owe Aretha much gratitude. She paved the way for many female singers and showed the boys club of soul a woman could hold her own.

She was also a social rights advocate for all people, not just people of color. She believed a person could change the world, especially in their own community.

She also influenced me from a very early age. Her songs were on the radio and they became my soundtrack as I grew from a young girl to a confident woman. She inspired me in so many ways and I soaked in the lyrics to the three songs:


"A Natural Woman"

"Rock Steady"

Each song motivated me to be the woman God created me to be.

Now, I'd like to pass along the three things I learned from Aretha Franklin and her songs.

1- Speak up and demand respect through your words, actions and deeds. You're a hard-working person and deserve respect.

2- Love comes when you least expect it so when it comes along, hold tight and let your womanness shine.

3- Sometimes you have to dance, feel the music soak your skin and rock steady.

RIP Aretha Franklin. I will never forget you and your impact on my life.


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