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What if Your Former Girlfriend Decides to Use Her 6-year-old Daughter to Punish You? Do You Solemnly

Title: Do You Solemnly Swear? A Nation of Law-The Dark Side

Author: Lin Wilder

Genre: Thriller, Suspense

Book Blurb:

What if your former girlfriend decides to use her 6-year-old daughter to punish you for breaking up with her?

How do you prove that you are innocent of the worst case of sexual perversion against a child?

Is it possible to refute the lies of a beautiful, seemingly innocent, little girl?

When Gabe McAllister decorated former Marine and respected Texas State Trooper, walked out of his condo in west Houston on a Tuesday morning to head to a meeting of the newly formed task force of the DEA, Texas State Police, and Border Patrol, he found five Houston cops waiting to collar him for the rape of 6-year-old Annie Bridges.

His next several days and weeks are a blur as he realizes belatedly that he has no chance against his diminutive accuser, his implicit trust in the fairness of the justice system shattered, McAllister lands in the Huntsville prison, sentenced to 3 counts of 20 to life sentences.

In the sequel to The Fragrance Shed By A Violet, Lin Wilder embroils characters in another complex web of dysfunctional family, deceit, revenge and the politics of courtrooms. Pulitzer Prize reporter Kate Townsend’s front-page story for her newspaper, The Houston Tribune, about a juror–the foreman of McAllister’s jury–stepping forward to speak about the case and her concern about why McAllister was not granted a retrial galvanizes Houstonians once again: Had a Houston jury convicted another innocent person?

Dr. Lindsey McCall, former inmate at Huntsville and now Medical Director at the Prisons and Rich Jansen, Chief Warden at the prisons are faced with the all-too-familiar question of just how involved should they get as Townsend begins to dig into the background of little Annie Bridges and her mother. When Townsend reveals the details of her new investigative series: A Nation of Law: The Dark Side, Jansen is more than intrigued.

My Review:

Brilliant. Literally this could be a one-word review and it would capture my complete thoughts on this work.

Wilder has crafted a work that could resonate through the world of American Suspense Thrillers. From the start I felt I was reading John Grisham. The characters come at you hard and fast but with instant depth.

You are brought into the terrifying world of Gabe McAllister who found himself wrongfully convicted of the most heinous crime. The group that came together to take on his cause and fight for justice for him was inspiring. From his Doctor to his Warden to his lawyer to the journalist…every character you cared for deeply.

I was shocked, horrified, filled with fear, despair and dread. I was given to laughing out loud at the humor. There are romantic scenes that are touching with how true they feel. This author takes you on a journey that is a must read for everyone.

If I can suggest one idea to the author it would be to spin off a series of books solely about Toni and Harvey as Private Eyes. Those two are incredible and deserve their own book.

Buy the book, read the book, love the book. This is 5+ stars. One of the best books I have ever read.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Lin Weeks Wilder was born in Sharon, Massachusetts. She holds a Doctorate in Public Health from The University of Texas School of Public Health and has over thirty years administrative experience in academic health centers ranging from critical care nurse to hospital director. During those years, Wilder published extensively in fields like cardiac physiology, institutional ethics, hospital management. After ten years of running an online marketing business, Lin switched from writing non-fiction to fiction. Lin's first novel, The Fragrance Shed by a Violet, was published last July. The 2nd edition, The Fragrance Shed By A Violet: Murder in the Medical Center and the sequel, Do You Solemnly Swear are available at Amazon. The third in her series of medical thrillers, A Price for Genius, will be published in spring of 2016. Her series of medical thrillers are situated in Houston, Texas with many references to the Texas Medical Center where Lin worked for over twenty-three years.

There is a red doberman by the name of Max featured in each of her novels. When asked why Max has not aged in any of her stories, she replies that Max is ageless and will remain that way- a reference to her red Doberman who dropped dead suddenly on a March evening.

Lin writes from her home in northern Nevada, a remote valley in the high desert where there is silence, stillness and solitude.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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