N.N. Light (also known as Mr. N and Mrs. N) Answers the Proust Questionnaire and Their Replies May S

We sat down with Bee Halton for an in-depth interview back in May and wanted to share the interview with you. Her questions, based on the famous Proust Questionnaire, made us think hard. If you’ve wanted to know a little bit more about us, this is your chance. We’re N. N. Light and here we go:

Where do you want to live?

While we are very comfortable where we live now, if we somehow won the lottery or inherited a windfall, we’d love to live on Vancouver Island or some small island where nobody could find us. Both of us crave quiet solitude and are in love with anyplace that has water.

What is perfect bliss for you?

Perfect bliss for us is snuggling on our love seat and watching one of our favorite movies, television shows or sports with a glass of wine for Mrs. N and Jim Beam mixed with Coke for Mr. N.

Which fault do you excuse the easiest?

Improper grammar/typos. In this day and age of Auto-Correct and Spell Checker, it’s easy for people to ignore grammar and just write. It used to bother us like mad, but we’ve learned to let it go. There’s more important things in the world than grammar.

What is the biggest disaster for you?

Both of our fathers died when we were in our early twenties. This event, while horrifying to relive, taught us to cherish life and to never take anything or anyone for granted. Life is short, and you’ve got to live every moment like it’s your last.

Your favourite characters in a novel?

Both of us love the characters from Pride and Prejudice. We’re huge readers and have read some fantastic books over the years. It’s hard for us to narrow it down beyond P&P. lol!

Your favourite figure in history?

Oooh, this is tough one for MR N as he has a master’s degree in history. If he had to pick, it would be Abraham Lincoln. One of the greatest men in history, hands down.

As for MRS N, her favorite has got to be Queen Elizabeth I. An incredible woman who went through so much to gain what was rightfully hers in the first place. She then went on to rule for more than forty years. She inherited a country in ruins and upon her death, England was the most powerful country in the world.

Your favourite hero/heroine in real life?

Our fathers. They taught us the value of working hard, relaxing and enjoying life.

Your favourite painter?

Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Leonardo Da Vinci, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Mary Cassatt, Barbara Longhi… we could go on and on. MRS N studied art history at university and her tastes run the gamut.

Your favourite author?

MR N – This is a tough question. Hmm, I love Robert K. Massie but also love J. N. Williamson.

MRS N – I hate this question. I have so many I love and who have influenced me. If I had to pick just one to read over and over again for the rest of my life, it would be Jude Deveraux. Her books take me away.

Your favourite composer?

We’re both big fans of Debussy, Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi.

Which quality do you appreciate the most in a woman?

MR N – As a mate or as a business associate? As a mate, her heart and as a business associate, hard work and ability to make me laugh.

Which quality do you appreciate the most in a man?

MRS N – As a mate, honesty and love. As a business associate, teamwork and helpfulness.

Your favourite virtue?

As you can see from above, we value honesty. There’s nothing worse than someone who lies, cheats and steals.

Your favourite activity?

Being with each other. After a long day or a week, all we want is to snuggle with each other on the sofa.

Who or what would you like to be?

We’d love to be able to live off of the income from our author promotions business, but we’ve only been in business for three years. Other than retire, we’re perfectly happy with who we are and what we’re doing.

Your main characteristic?

MR N – Logic

MRS N – Artistic

Together, we’re a great team.

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?

Their love and support. When the world turns its back, it’s nice to have friends to lean on.

Your biggest fault?

We’re so giving of ourselves that sometimes, we’re subject of persons taking advantage of our kindness and good nature.

Your dream of happiness?

We’re living our dream life right now.

Your favourite colour?

MR N – Blue

MRS N – Purple

Your favourite flower?

MRS N – Sunset colored carnations and lavender.

Your favourite bird?

We love birds and spend a lot of time out on our solarium bird-watching. We love blue jays, robins, hawks and cardinals.

Your favourite poet?

Shakespeare. The sonnets are beautiful and inspire us to write each other love poems every day.

What do you hate the most?

Racism/Sexism/Classism… bigotry and hatred of another person for any reason. Why can’t we accept our differences and treat each other with respect.

Which historical figure do you hate the most?

Hitler. He took his hatred of a race and it spread like wildfire. He murdered millions of people and his influences is pervasive in today’s society. It makes us want to cry.

Which is your favourite reform?

Not sure. We’re big supporters of equal rights and #loveislove.

Which natural talent would you like to have?

We’d love to be able to play musical instruments. We’re both big music fans.

How do you want to die?

We made a pact with God that when the time comes, we die together.

Your current state of mind?

Exhausted. We’re both working day jobs, writing and working on our business. It can be tiresome but we both have a strong work ethic.

Your motto?

Spread the Light. What it means is abiding by the Golden Rule and spreading your inner Light to others around you, especially those in need.

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