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This gorgeous double rainbow looks a little like the ones I’ve seen on my drive home through the flat farmlands of Louisiana. I’m always fascinated by the magical beauty of this natural phenomenon and really, it’s impossible to get a shot like this. I know, I’ve tried.

So many things come to mind when I see a rainbow. Hope, renewal, second chances, new beginnings. (“After the rain comes the rainbow.”) In some Native American legends, a double rainbow stood for a kind of magical serendipity, an indication to expect good things. Don’t you find this heartening?

The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou books are stories of life, love, and community – of hope and second chances, and they reflect my belief that love happens out of the blue – when you least expect it (or want it). The first four books in the series have been greatly revised and rebranded with new content as a true contemporary small-town family romance series.

I’ve always wanted to belong to a big raucous supportive family like them so I escape into the lives and loves of these characters. I hope you enjoy them, too.

All the books in this seven-book series will be $0.99 during preorder until the day after release.

Series -- The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou by Livia Quinn

Genre -- Contemporary Small-Town Family Romance Series

Title When the Right One Comes Along

Book Blurb

Love happens when you least expect it even for these two professionals, one who doesn't have time for love and the other who has the benefit of an inherited prognosticator known as the Calloway Curl.

Buffy Calloway is finally coming home.

Former international model and photographer Lana Calloway is attending the DC romance convention to find the perfect model, the “one” whose face and body could make her new business venture a success. At a conference event she finds him – an unwilling and unlikely candidate. Turns out his appearance was a fluke, but the Calloways have a history of getting their man, or woman, and she doesn't intend to be the last.

Her prospect is a CEO meeting with Congress about veterans issues; in other words, he’s got higher priorities than being a cover model. It will take creative measures to convince him that her goals could benefit his mission of making life better for wounded veterans, and oh, by the way, that they are meant to be together.


The man Buffy was looking for would give her business instant recognition. He would be the face of The Calloway Agency. She couldn’t wait to see him holding a female model, depicting a scene chosen by her or one of the producers, the two of them on a bed of red satin sheets. He’d be perfect.

It was just like her grandmother had always told her, “Lana, you’ll know when the right one comes along. All the Calloways do.” It wasn’t the same thing, of course, but Buffy did know what she wanted. She’d been dreaming of this moment ever since she left her modeling career behind.

She sucked in a breath as “Tucker” followed instructions and dropped his trousers. The women went crazy.

The man had Van Damme-like legs with powerful thighs and calves, shaped like the finest of the ancient statues. If she were still modeling she could picture him, that sculpted body, twined around hers, the muscles in his jaw working as desire flashed in his eyes. His flesh would be like silken steel. Her hands would skim across his skin; squeeze his biceps. Roam down his ridged abdomen. She’d trail her fingers along the thin line of black hair…

Buffy’s eyes shot to his face and found him watching her, yet again. She flushed, afraid he could read her mind. But she was merely planning how she would use her art to create a masterpiece with him as the focus.

The tendons in his legs flexed as he turned around and showed off one fine pair of cotton-covered cheeks; same great view no matter the direction. The wide shoulders bunched and his back narrowed to his waist. Oh, yeah. If she had only enough cash for one hunk, it was going to be him.

She referred to the conference program. This guy wasn’t listed. Was he a substitute? What amazing luck that she could only attend this one conference to find her man, and a nameless fill-in captured her attention. It must be fate.

Sally Freeman stood at the front table preparing to call another title. “After the final two rounds we’ll determine the winner of this year’s Strip Bingo. And the best news—he will accompany whoever won the raffle for ‘Dinner with a Hunk’ to an all-expense paid dinner for two at their choice of fine D.C. restaurants. All right. The next title is… Chained by Their Desires by Cathy Lenton.”


Ridge had been having a blast. It didn’t take much to make this crowd happy. Their enthusiasm had infected even him. Obviously.

He skimmed over the crowd to the woman that had been watching him from the minute he jumped onto the stage. Well, she wasn’t the only one. They all had, so perhaps it was just that he’d tuned in to her, in particular after seeing that poster.

Now that the contest was drawing to a close—at least he assumed it was since they were about out of clothing “donations”—Ridge had a problem. It would only be a problem if he won, which wasn’t a possibility, but on the off chance that an error in the “voting” occurred and he was chosen, what was he going to do? They’d probably want to verify his credentials, match him up with this Tucker fellow who had yet to arrive.

And worse—he could kick himself—the real Tucker might show up any minute and he’d have a five-egg omelet on his face. He’d be jeered, embarrassed and thrown out of … he was probably over-reacting a bit. The point was he needed to carry his half-dressed behind out of there as soon as the party was over.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

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Title Too Good to Be True

Book Blurb

Love happens when and where, and with whom you least expect it…as Delilah discovers.

An experienced police officer, Delilah Burke is no pushover. She prides herself on her instincts but when she arrives at the scene of a convenience store robbery she finds herself unwillingly intrigued by the tall dark and handsome perp dressed in a mercenary uniform and armed with fake weapons which begs the question - what else about him is fake?

Luc seems too good to be true, but his huge, surprising family embraces Delilah and when he’s threatened they join in her efforts to protect him. Delilah is drawn to him like no other but can she keep him safe so they can have a future together?


She didn’t want to encourage someone who’d been a suspect even briefly, but he was way too easy to like and she was getting those boy-howdy-would-we-like-to-jump-his-bones urges out of a rarely heard from region below her gun belt. She sent the little miscreants a Now-is-not-the-time message. They ignored her, whining when Luc placed one hip on the corner of her desk so she caught an enticing whiff of his scent, mingled with a deliciously musky after shave. An image of him standing in front of his mirror with a towel wrapped around his waist as he applied that after shave… earth to Burke. Earth to Burke! The man is speaking.

She shrugged. Why not?

“I have a proposition for you.” Ha. Now they’d stopped whining and were fist pumping, yes!

No, she thought, gritting her teeth.

“Wait, you haven’t heard me out,” he said, frowning.

Great, she’d spoken out loud. “I’m sorry, I was…had my mind on something else.” Like the way he filled out that t-shirt. The cut of his torso, the way those muscles bunched at the slightest of movements, how that gleaming black hair would feel in her hands.

“Hear me out, please. I need a female officer for a BE day.”

Oh, right, some kind of kinky sex game where he’d “be” the bad “Merc” and she’d “be” the one with the handcuffs.

He smiled, watching her thoughts move across her features as that scene presented itself. “Officer, you’ve got a dirty mind.”

She wasn’t usually so readable. She scowled at him. “Larue, I don’t have all day.”

“Luc,” he reminded. “Okay, I’m serious. There’s a group of kids I’m presenting a program to Saturday afternoon. My expert for Saturday had to back out due to his wife going into labor early with twins.”

“You’re not by any chance talking about Detective Dunbar?”

“Yeah. So you know Tony. He’s done it for me the last couple of times. He’s always a hit with the young ladies.”

“He would be.” Tony Dunbar was an Italian charmer with five daughters and six sisters. “He’s charmed some of the most intractable suspects into confessing. What exactly is it, Larue?”