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Book Heaven Wednesday Presents: Elemental Love: A Single Dad Second Chance Romance by @Scar_Wilder #


Elemental Love: A Single Dad Second Chance Romance


Scarlet Wilder


Contemporary Steamy Romance


Novel Idea Publishing

Book Blurb


I’ve always had a thing for Thomas Maitland, if only from afar.

Call it a schoolgirl crush, an infatuation, it doesn’t matter.

I wanted him and him alone. Wanted him to be the one to give me my first real kiss.

But it was his brother, Alexander that kissed me that night only days before I left for college, shattering my dream.

Arrogant, egotistical and obnoxious. I loathed the man.

But how is it that my head told me I despised him, while my body was telling me a whole other story?

Ten years later, and I’m back home, living on the estate Alexander inherited.

He’s still the same arrogant pig he always was, and now he wants me to work for him.

How can I be in such close proximity to someone so infuriatingly arrogant, but who, for some reason, fills me with the strongest desire that I’ve ever known?


Well, well, well. It seems the ugly duckling has turned into the beautiful swan.

Now that Rachel Evans is back, it’s not just my head that’s been turned, but Thomas’s too.

I can’t have him lusting after an employee’s daughter, though. It’s not good for business and not good for him, either.

So, to keep her out of the way, I’ve put her to work for one of my new companies.

Since my wife’s death, I haven’t had room in my heart for another woman and I’m sure as hell not about to fall in love with Rachel, no matter how beautiful she is.

That kiss ten years ago was a dumb mistake, and I only did it to shut her up.

But the longer I work with her, the more I like it.

She’s sassy, feisty, and has a body to die for.

My little boy, Noah, seems to love her and I get the feeling he wants the two of us to get together.

But how can I allow myself to take a chance when I can’t bring myself to love again?


As I turned the corner, I glimpsed a figure darting along the side of the wall and for a second I was sure that there was a prowler on the loose. I was about to call out when I saw that it was Rachel. The penny dropped. Of course, I thought. She’s come to do a little spying.

It had always been something of a family joke about how much the estate manager’s daughter seemed to love my little brother. Since she was in junior high, she’d rushed to help him whenever she could, particularly when he was busy with the horses. Tom was a champion polo player, and when he had practice, she would have his horse ready for him in the yard, would hand him his reins and riding crop and would blush scarlet whenever his fingers glanced against hers.

I’m sure he barely noticed it, but I always had. She was a sweet little thing, shy and studious, and I felt sorry for the way she’d been raised without a mother. She adored my grandmother, and I appreciated the way she always made sure the old lady was well looked after when she visited.

I hadn’t seen Rachel since the day I’d noticed her in my grandmother’s bedroom, arranging the flowers. Now, I saw once again how she’d changed so much in the last few months. She was wearing small shorts and a t-shirt, which had slipped down, leaving one shoulder bare. Her skin glowed in the summer moonlight, and her hair was, once again, scooped up with a few stray curls falling loosely down over her lovely shoulders.

Again, my eyes were drawn to the curve of her ass in the shorts she was wearing and I felt my fists clench at the sight of her curvaceous body.

I felt compelled to follow her.

She was near the pool house now, and I knew that she was looking for Tom. But they weren’t there. Instead, they were over in the orchard. She heard the laughing and she turned to follow the sound. I could have stopped her at that moment, but I found myself watching her instead. She tiptoed down the path, her hand against the wall, walking further and further away from the pool house, completely unaware that I was slowly walking behind her.

Then, I saw her crouch down and peek through the bushes. She was watching my brother and his latest conquest. I was tall enough to see over the hedge and soon looked away when it was clear that Tom was getting to know the redhead rather well indeed.

At that moment, I slowly walked towards Rachel. Then I leaned forward and whispered softly. “So, Mata Hari, who are you spying on?”

She gave a short little cry and whirled around, nearly falling over, her eyes wide in shock as she stared up at me, her hand clamped over her mouth.

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Author Biography

Free-spirited author Scarlet Wilder was raised on songs and stories, writing her own since she learned how to put pen to paper.

Today, she lives in the heart of Sandton, although you will rarely find her there.

Whether you'd call it wanderlust, a love of travel or just regular old curiosity; she hungers to explore the world outside the four walls of her cozy mid-town loft.

She unapologetically admits that the only things she loves more than her followers and fans are coffee and chocolate.

Wherever she goes, she's in constant search of the perfectly brewed cup of Java or the sweetest melt-in-your-mouth chocolaty treat.

Her favorite themes include:

* Alpha males who know how to love their woman

* Bad boys with hearts of gold

* And, of course, strong sassy women who can stand their own.

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