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Be Who You Are: A Father's Empowering Message about the Point of Life by @JimmyBrandmeier #bookr

Title: Be Who You Are: A Father's Empowering Message about the Point of Life

Author: Jimmy Brandmeier

Genre: Parenting, Humor, Self-Help

Book Blurb: How does a father shelter his children from the pain of losing their passion, losing their smile, and losing what they love to do amidst the challenges of growing up? Award-winning composer and author Jimmy Brandmeier believes the only possible failure is failing to be who you are. No matter how successful your life may look on the outside, inauthentic living is a sickness that sucks your life forces dry—and Be Who You Are is the cure. For his children, Brandmeier wrote a song, “Be Who You Are.” The lyrics soon developed into an inspirational course in authenticity: Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children. Little did Brandmeier know that answers to a major setback in his own life would emerge through the pages.

As a college teacher and music industry clinician, Brandmeier is passionate about helping students rise above mass-produced education: to discover who they are, what they want, and why they want it; to give them tools to design a life from what they love to do; to transcend inner and outer obstacles; to boldly and passionately live. Turns out the message he was so passionate about giving his children is one we all need to hear: Be Who You Are—no matter what, no matter where, no matter how far.

My Review: “Never let the routine of your life stamp out the miracle of your life. You are unrepeatable. You are needed. You are infinite.”

What do you want to pass onto your children? Most parents want to share their wisdom with their children and encourage them to never give up, live a passionate life and be happy.

Composer and Musician Jimmy Brandmeier is no different, only he chose to write a song to his children. What started as a song, grew to a workshop and then this book.

Be Who You Are is filled with inspirational messages but not in the preachy kind of way. The author uses humor and real-life situations to explain why it’s so important to be who we are, not matter the circumstance. Using his song as a guide, Brandmeier takes us through each verse illuminating why this is vital to our well-being and happiness. I found myself thinking of my dad and knowing he wouldn’t want me to forget my life is a miracle.

If you’re looking for an inspirational book to give your kids, grandkids or to read yourself, pick up this book. I imagine it will be the must-give gift this holiday season.

My Rating: 5 stars

Author Biography: Jimmy Brandmeier’s deep-rooted music industry experience combined, with his passion for guiding students in music and life, make him a different, inspiring teacher and author. His credo is simple, empowering and rare; be who you are—inside and out—no matter what, no matter how far!

Brandmeier has early beginnings as a highly talented musician. He’s worked with artists ranging from Jason Mraz, Avril Lavign, Joss Stone, Ky-Mani Marley, Jamie Cullum, Ivan Neville, Dave Mathews and Sara McLachlan to Chynna Phillips, Eric Clapton, Wynonna Judd, Carole King, Kenny Loggins, Sarah Lee Guthrie, Adam Cohen, Stephen Bishop, Kris Kristofferson, Phil Ramone, David Cassidy, Carlos Santana, Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach. Along the way he has created an army chest of connections and networks.

Mr. Brandmeier was President of Monarch Records, a division of Tambourine Inc. in San Francisco. As President of Monarch he’s led teams that set the standard for special markets in music—generating millions of dollars through Brands and Bands Campaigns. He also served as Director of Artist and Repertoire for Tambourine's three labels (Unison Records in Nashville and Sugo and Monarch Records in San Francisco.) As Director of A&R, he was responsible for product development, artists and music production on all three labels.

Brandmeier has an unrelenting persistence to convert ideas into actions that produce results. He’s a Summit Award winning marketer who’s garnered acclaimed media attention for his music and marketing company 180 Music—landed an exclusive brands and bands alliance with Target Stores nationwide—distribution deal with Universal North America and Sony music in Japan—developed credibility within the industry for having a reputation as an innovative thinker.

He’s a Telly Award winning writer, who has produced and performed on a wide variety of Branded CDs found in major specialty market outlets. In an eclectic range of styles, Brandmeier has developed concepts, composed and produced CD's that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. Jose Feliciano introduced Brandmeier at Carnegie Hall, where they performed Brandmeier's original song The Colors Of Love.

An accomplished jazz flutist, Mr. Brandmeier's CDs have found loyal audiences in 25 countries worldwide.

Jimmy Brandmeier’s philosophy in business and in life is very simple . . .

“Be Who You Are. Use your talent to serve.”

Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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