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There's More to Luc Than Muscles but is He. . . Too Good to be True by @LiviaQuinn #bookreview #

Title: Too Good to be True (The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou, Book 2)

Author: Livia Quinn

Genre: Contemporary Small-Town Family Romance Series (with suspense elements)

Book Blurb:

Love happens when, where and with whom you least expect it. Police officer Delilah Burke is no pushover. She prides herself on her instincts but when she arrives at the scene of a convenience store robbery she finds herself unwillingly intrigued by the tall dark and handsome perp dressed in a mercenary uniform and armed with fake weapons. Which begs the question - what else about him is fake? He seems too good to be true but Luc’s huge, surprising family embraces her and when he’s threatened they join in Delilah's efforts to protect him. Del is falling hard for this hero but can she keep him safe so they can have a future together?

My Review:

Retired Navy Officer Luc Larue is hero all the way but hard-nosed cop Delilah Burke isn’t convinced when she shows up at a robbery scene. Sure, he’s sexy in his fatigues but she can’t have a mercenary running around working her beat. But there’s more to Luc than big muscles and his “day” job as a cover model.

Luc knows the instant their eyes meet, he wants to have Del in his life. She’s beautiful, intelligent and keeps him on his toes. The more he’s around her, the more he falls for her. But when strange things start happening to him and the evidence points to a stalker, will Del believe him or is he only imagining it?

I loved this book for many reasons: two strong characters who are independent yet when they fall in love heat up the pages, a baddie who’s not your typical stalker, behind-the-scenes peek into the world of cover models, spotlight on military life, a full support of secondary characters (especially the Larue clan), suspense, romance and making amends.

While both Del and Luc are highly-developed characters, what made this one of my favorite books of the year was the twist on the whole stalker part of the story. Women are usually the victims of stalkers and Livia Quinn takes it in a different direction. Livia built the tension and suspense beautifully, not to mention the feeling of vulnerability on Luc’s part.

Livia Quinn is a strong supporter of the military and military families. My hat goes off to her for her dedication and for incorporating these brave men and women in her series.

Favorite Character/Quote: Luc. Every scene he was in, from the cover shoots to helping the kids, made me smile and swoon just a bit. He’s a military hero with a loving family, a heart of gold and sexy to boot. When he realizes he has a stalker, his reaction is realistic and honest. He’s every woman’s dream and every man’s best friend. The perfect hero and I hope Livia writes more about him.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Livia Quinn is a DC native who was dragged to the wilds of Louisiana where she fell in love with the rich culture and well... okay, not the weather, but both have inspired her settings and characters. She's logged many stories from her jobs as mail lady, plant manager, professional singer, business owner and salesperson and loves to share them with her readers. Twelve books in her contemporary romance and paranormal series have been published with several more to come in 2018. Sign up for her newsletter or follow her in your preferred way.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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