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  • N. N. Light

Spread Kindness Today on #WorldKindnessDay! #inspiration #motivation #TuesdayThoughts

Today is World Kindness Day so I thought it might be fun to list five quick ways to show kindness. They take but a moment yet their impact is huge.

1- As you travel throughout your day (whether by mass transit, cars or on foot), be courteous and kind.

2- Call/Email a distant relative/friend letting them know you're thinking about them.

3- Donate food, clothing, toys, money, your time to a local food bank/charity and help those less fortunate than you.

4- Smile at everyone you encounter and wish them a good day.

5- Hug/kiss your loved ones making sure to tell them, "I love you."

Like the graphic states above, we all need more happiness in our lives. The world is depending on us.

How are you going to show kindness today?

Share in the comment box below.


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