#1 Bestselling New Release -- Daddy’s Curse 3: The Birth of A Monster by @LukeGDahl #memoir #humantr

Title Daddy’s Curse 3: The Birth of A Monster

Author Luke. G. Dahl

Genre Non-Fiction Biography/Memoir

Publisher Cedenheim Publishing

Book Blurb

Seeds of Malevolence

Bat Erdene was the only child of rich oriental parents. Growing up, he had everything a kid should want, except the most important thing—parental affection. From the outside, Bat had a perfect childhood, but it was another story altogether when the doors were closed. Growing up in an environment where his mother was abused regularly by his father without respite, will damage Bat's psyche tremendously, and will lead to him committing offenses that slowly increased in gravity until it culminated in the ultimate crime. Patricide.

Vicious Cycle

Much older now and in ownership of his father's estate with the help of his mentor Ming, as well as being married with a daughter, Bat seems to be in perfect control of his life—except for his perverted attraction to little boys. A dirty secret that he had no intention of stopping.

Last Straw

Convinced he would never be able to escape the vicious cycle of abuse, he decides to send his daughter away and fully gives in to the life of a criminal and masterminds a vast network of child-trafficking. He comes into contact with Od, Altantsetseg and Chinua, taking a liking to Od and his friends and abusing them every chance he got.

Profoundly poignant and deeply moving, Luke G. Dahl weaves another heart-rending tale about negligence, abuse, tragedy, blackmail and finally, hope.


“Bat, what do you think the moral of this story is?” Even at such a young age, I could tell he was angry for some reason. It was getting easier and easier to tell.

“Always obey your parents?” I answered it as a question, which made him furrow his brows even more.

“I didn’t hear you.” He raised his voice and I answered with more assertiveness this time.

“Good,” Father mused. “Obedience. Order. Submission. If you want to succeed in life, Bat, you must make people submit and obey your will, and you must also obey the will of others above you.” He walked ove