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One Valuable Lesson Learned from The Polar Express #inspiration #MondayBlogs #motivation

"One thing about trains: it doesn't matter where they're goin'. What matters is deciding to get on." - The Polar Express movie

When faced with an opportunity, do you hop on or do you stay where you are?

Over the weekend, we watched one of our favorite Christmas movies, The Polar Express. We love everything about it from the voices to the illustrations to the music but most importantly, its message. It's very inspiring and when it ends, I wind up crying a little.

Read the quote above and ask yourself this question: What would I do if I was given the opportunity of a lifetime? Would I get on or would I step away, feet deep in the snow?

Life is filled with trains of opportunity. You're given a choice of stepping onboard or not. This decision is one of great importance.

Fear tends to root us to the platform and we don't get on. Regret and disappointment become our partners.

I advise you to chuck fear out the window and ride the trains of life. If you encounter a detour, get on another train. It doesn't matter where it's going, choose to take it.


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