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Can the battle of good and evil be won through time travel? Future Comes from Behind (Paradigm Shift

Title: Future Comes from Behind (Paradigm Shift, #1)

Author: S.T.K. Chan

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Book Blurb:

What if the battle for good and evil were being fought just out of our sight, beyond our reach?

How far should one go to seek out the good and destroy evil, and what consequences might their choices have? "Tightly conceived and smoothly choreographed sci-fi fantasy. Higher aspects of human nature. RECOMMENDED," The US Review of Books Lisa and her family barely manage to escape an invasion from the Rebel army in their home of Malta. Shortly after this episode, she discovers Exo, the ancient dimension she cannot understand until her late 20s. Exo is made of memories of the past; it brings forth all the strong echoes we leave behind. Lisa desperately wants to resolve the conflicts of this inner world peacefully, but quickly learns she must fight the shadows in people's hearts, materialized through battle re-enactments, warfare and emotional turmoil. "'Paradigm Shift: Future Comes from Behind' by S.T.K. Chan is an exciting, fast-moving work that explores how different actions can set off unforeseen chains of events and the ramifications of standing by and allowing evil to make its course. This novel is perfect for fantasy lovers who want a taste of science fiction and is certain to keep its audience engaged throughout!" Reader Views

My Review:

Can the battle of good and evil be won through time travel? Lisa and her family must flee Malta and while on the run, she stumbles upon Exo, a sort of freeway consisting of memories and echoes from the past. When travelling the past, present and future, Lisa can communicate with shamans and help bring peace to the world. As each battle is re-enacted in Exo, there are lessons to be learned and steps to be taken. But at what cost? Will those travelling through Exo stop the evil incursions or is it inevitable?

Taking cues from Doctor Who and Star Trek, Chan creates a brand-new fantasy universe filled with philosophical questions. Time travel is risky, there are rules to obey and a true moral dilemma. Can you travel through the past without changing too much of the future?

There are a lot of characters with plenty of POVs. While I don’t care how many POVs there are in a story, I found the transitions choppy. I kept scratching my head trying to figure out what just happened. I got lost a few times and had to keep reading what I just read.

The characters themselves were fascinating and I had a few favorites. I loved Lisa as well as Kaelan. Opposing personalities in how they battle evil but both on the good side. Fleshed out, the characters were a delight to read.

The battle re-enactments of past historical events captivated me and stuck with me long after I finished reading. If you’re a fan of history, you’ll love these scenes.

If you’re like me and like an adventurous fantasy with plenty of action, pick this up today. It’s an exciting first book in the series and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

A fan of nourishing SF&F fiction. Seeker of essential truths in historical non-fiction. Exploring life for almost half a century. Delivering action and matters of the inner self. "Chan has license to be more philosophical and issue-oriented, and on the whole he blends together different genres well." (John Staughton, SPR)

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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