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Christmas is a time not only to give and receive presents but to witness miracles! #inspiration #mot

Christmas is not as much about opening presents as opening our hearts. – Janice Maeditere

Christmas is a time not only to give and receive presents but to witness miracles. It is a time to be like the shepherds and to look with wonder in the sky as a multitude of angels appear singing.

Have you witnessed a miracle at Christmastime? Have you seen hearts open and the walls of hatred fall down? Have you seen the look of wonder in a child's eye Christmas morning?

Every Christmas, I witness wondrous miracles. It appears when I am least looking for it. Last week, I witnessed a miracle of wonder when I donated warm hats, a pair of boots, gently-used fry pans and money. The look of shock, joy and wonder on the manager's face still shines within me.

I also open my heart every year. No matter what's going on in my life, I go with the flow. I forgive those who have done me wrong and I vow to be open to new experiences.

What Christmas miracles are you looking forward to? Is your heart open to what may happen? Christmas is a time to not only be grateful for what you have but what possibilities and experiences may be in store for you.

Open your heart to the miracle of Christmas (even if you don't celebrate it or if you celebrate it by another name)! You will be amazed and will sing with pure joy and wonder.

Note: As of 5:00 pm today, we are taking a much-needed vacation. We will return on January 2, 2019. May you have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

Mrs. N

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