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Can she use it to find her true love? Or will it all be one beeping mess? The Love Beep by @Pobermei


Author Pat Obermeier

Genre Woman’s Fiction

Publisher Foster Embry Publishing

Book Blurb

Jessica Vogola, a dead ringer for Audrey Hepburn, had a humming-right-along advertising agency in Manhattan with one big client. And then he died.

Facing a rapid dwindling bank balance, Jessica takes a leap of faith and buys the rights to The LoveBeep—a small device that does just that––beeps out a signal when you’re looking for love. (Think sonar with benefits.) She hypes it as “The device that will revolutionize dating.” It just might do that, but it needs some major reprogramming, beta testing on the streets of Manhattan…and did someone mention getting things right so that “clunkers” don’t beep you back?

If that weren’t enough, there’s Grayer, the über-sexy programmer she’s working with and her best friend Ben, a photographer Salon labeled “The über-sexy photog most likely to get invited up for drinks” distracting her with all their … well, über-sexiness.

Can Jessica upgrade The Love Beep before she loses her business? Can she use it to find her true love? Or will it all be one beeping mess?

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Releases February 14, 2019

Author Biography

Pat Obermeier is an award winning (Emmy, Promax, BDA) creative writer and producer who worked in the cruel and shallow money trench (thank you Hunter S. Thompson) of TV in New York City for close to 20 years.

After creating, designing and writing promos, print ads and whatever else they needed by next Thursday for networks from CNBC and CBS News, trekking to New Zealand to create/shoot the opens and launch promos for Jack of All Trades and Cleopatra 2525 for Studios USA, settling back in NYC for the launch of a Dick Wolf show, coming up with three different ways to tease a segment with Grover Cleveland’s tumor and other assorted oddities/locations for History’s Lost and Found, launching a network for Rainbow Media plus branding NYC's beloved NY1 News and other equally entertaining projects, Pat took a deep breath and left the industry to focus on her writing.

She is known for her out-of-the-box, humorous, off center yet award-winning approach to projects and the subsequent, almost requisite response of are you nuts, we can’t say/do/ run that! from a few of her less adventurous clients.

Drawing on her years in the NYC media and a two year stint in the morass of politics at a network in DC, Pat wrote The President Factor, available on Amazon and your local booksellers.

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