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It's a milestone day! N. N. Light's Book Heaven celebrates our first anniversary #bookish #a

One year ago this very day, we launched N. N. Light's Book Heaven. We started out with a business plan and a determination to be the place for authors, publishers and readers to connect. We're so thrilled to be where we are now and it's all thanks to you, our devoted followers/subscribers.

Now, it's time to party. We've set out refreshments and snacks, virtual of course so there's no calories.

What's your favorite memory of our first year? Was it a book review, spotlight, author interview, giveaway or author event?

Is there a book/author/genre you think we should feature? Let us know.

We want to hear from you!!!

A special thank you to the authors and publishers who stood by us and helped make N. N. Light's Book Heaven what it is today. We're so grateful and look forward to what's to come.

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