Today our guests are Lord and Lady Wesley Reynolds from The Pirate's Jewel by USA Today Bestsell

The Pirate’s Jewel

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Welcome to this special edition of The Inside Scoop. I am your host and moderator, Justin Case. In our continuing effort to bring you information about the people portrayed in The Stelton Legacy, we’ve been able to pull off a real coup. Today our guests are Lord and Lady Wesley Reynolds, the parents of Lady Lisbeth Reynolds-Stelton. Lisbeth is the wife of Alex Stelton, the seventh son of the seventh son of Phillip and Celeste Stelton, but that is another story.

Tonight we meet Lady Darla Maxwell, a young woman whose father Graeme Maxwell and close friend, Lord Ewan MacDougall were searching for a suitable husband for her. Lady Darla has a … magical background which as a young woman she sought to deny. I hope we can find out more about how her magic influenced the outcome of the story.

Lord Wesley Reynolds, the son of the well-known silk merchant William Reynolds has a most interesting background that I hope he’ll elaborate on today. It’s what made him the man trusted by the King of England as well as the Guardians of Scotland.

One moment, please. I’m getting instructions from our producer. (Listens to instructions over his ear piece). Ladies and gentlemen. Our producer has just informed me our guests have arrived at the studio.

Ah. The lights have dimmed. A hush has come over the studio. I can see into the wings. Yes. The door has opened. The anticipation in the room is palpable. Wait. I see them. They’re walking toward us. They have a stately and commanding appearance, and they’re holding hands. It is very tender and touching.

(Justin rose from his chair as his guests’ approach.)

Justin: Lord Wesley, Lady Darla. It’s good to meet you.

(Chairs scrape the floor, feet shuffle as everyone takes their seats.)

Justin: Lady Darla please sit here next to Lord Wesley.

(Darla and Wesley hold hands. Wesley eases back in his chair and crosses his legs in a relaxed position.)

Justin: Thank you for granting us an interview. Everyone here at Inside Scoop is excited you’re with us.

Lord Wesley: Lady Darla and I are happy to be with you today.