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  • N. N. Light

You have immense power. . . so use it! #inspiration #motivation #mondayblogs #kindness

Did you know one random act of kindness can change a life?

All of us have had crappy days, where nothing seems to be going right. But then we receive a text, email, phone call from a friend or loved one and their kind words uplift us from the gloominess to the Light. Their random act of kindness, while not a big deal to them, means the world to us.

Whenever I think of someone out of the blue, I reach out to them. It takes no more than a few moments but I instinctively know they need me. I have the power to turn their day around for the better and I take that power seriously.

You have the power, too. Go out into the world today and make someone's day. Be real, be truthful and spread kindness. You might just be saving a life.


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