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Book Heaven Wednesday presents Love in the Looking Glass by @LucindaRace #romance #bookboost #Romanc

Title: Love in the Looking Glass

Author: Lucinda Race

Genre: Contempatory Romance

Publisher: MC Two Press

Book Blurb:

After losing her father at the tender age of five years old, Ellie McKenna is determined to protect her heart from further pain. Even as an adult, Ellie has kept any man at arm's length by burying herself in her career. Soon after the grand opening of The Looking Glass, an intruder attacks Ellie and vandalizes her beloved gallery, including slashing Ellie's most prized painting on loan from the famous Winifred Simpson.

Is someone trying to shatter Ellie's dream just as she begins to live it? Can the mysterious Padraic Stone be trusted to solve the mystery and protect Ellie from further harm or is he responsible for what has happened?


“The Looking Glass.” The words rolled off Ellie’s tongue. Her fingers traced the gold lettering on the dark, wooden sign. “Amazing, don’t you think, Ray? This represents the culmination of a year’s hard work. I wonder if Mom felt the same way when she opened What’s Perkin’.” She glanced at her stepfather, Ray Davis. “Were you there for the grand opening?”

“Your mom wasn’t there when I installed the sign. It wasn’t until later she saw it, and she was as excited then as you are today. You’ve worked hard, Ellie. We’re very proud of you.”

Ellie did a little jig. “Thanks, Ray. I couldn’t have done this without the family’s help, especially yours. The way everyone pitched in painting, building shelves, refinishing floors, there was so much I needed to do before I opened, and now, tomorrow is the big day.”

Ray tweaked her nose. “Kiddo, now the real work begins. You’ll need to discover new artists, build a customer base, and promote the heck out of the gallery.”

“I have a couple of people stopping by this afternoon to drop off pottery, jewelry, and a few small sculptures. Then before the weekend, a photographer is coming through town and wants to show me his photos. If it fits with the theme, I’ll display his work too. I’m thrilled my dream of artisan’s work in any medium will be on display for everyone to see. This gallery will be immersion of the senses, if you will, just like my favorite book, Alice in Wonderland. Remember when she falls through the looking glass and discovers a dazzling world? Well, I hope that’s how people feel when they enter.”

“I’m sure everyone will be enchanted when they discover this place.” Ray placed the rest of his tools in the back of the truck. “What time do you need us tomorrow night? Mom said she was coming over in the afternoon to set up the buffet tables. Do you need some muscles?”

“No, I’ve got it covered, but thanks. If you could come around six thirty that will keep me busy so I don’t wind up a buddle of nerves. The official invitations are for seven. You and Mom should enjoy yourselves at the open house.”

“All right then, I’m taking off unless you need something else.”

“Nope, all set.” Ellie threw her arms around Ray’s mid-section and squeezed tightly. “Thanks for believing in me. I couldn’t have done any of this without you.”

Ray shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t give me too much credit. All I did was follow your lead and swing a hammer.” He dropped a fatherly kiss on the top of Ellie’s head and mumbled something about needing coffee.

“Say hi to Mom and tell her coffee’s on me.”

Ray hopped in the truck and waved goodbye as his truck disappeared down the street.

Ellie skipped up the wide front steps and bent to deadhead a deep purple petunia. She straightened and noticed a dark car creeping past, and then it sped down the street. Shrugging, Ellie pulled an old-fashioned hanky from her pocket and polished the antique, brass door knocker, pausing on the threshold to admire the interior space.

Author Biography:

Lucinda Race is a life long fan of romantic fiction. As a young girl, she spent hours reading novels and dreaming of, one day, becoming a writer. As life twists and turns, she found herself writing nonfiction but longed to turn to her true passion, romantic fiction. After developing the story line for The Loudon Series, it was time to start living her dream. Fingers flying over computer keys, two novellas and five novels have been published in the series. Lucinda lives, with her husband Rick, and their two little dogs, Jasper and Griffin, in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts. When she's not writing romance novels Lucinda reads everything she can get her hands on. She's passionate about growing tomatoes and roses. Her writing is contemporary, fresh, and engaging.

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