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Author Spotlight | Meet Award-Winning Author @alannalucas27 and discover why her books are binge-wor

Hello and thank you for joining me!

I’m Alanna Lucas and I write historical romance, mostly set in the Regency, although I do have a couple of historical western romances set in Montana. I have been asked on numerous occasions why I write historicals. The answer is quite simple and two-fold: I love history and enjoy escaping technology. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for modern conveniences, but I love being transported to another time period. Now having said that, I am working on my first contemporary. It is an idea that has been nagging me for quite some time, so in between deadlines, volunteering on a conference committee, moving, and everyday life, I wrote a story set in a fictional seaside town—but that is all I am saying on that topic at the moment ;-)

My journey to publication began with a contest. The guideline was to take the title of a song that inspired you and adopt it as the title of your story. Face to Face by Siouxsie and the Banshees was the inspiration for the novella, Face to Face. After nine books with my publisher, I ventured into the world of self-publishing. It has been an interesting journey and an incredible learning experience. One aspect of self-publishing that I particularly enjoy is having more control over my covers. My cover designer, Dar Albert, really understands me and my vision. It is actually quite amazing how often she’s nailed my idea on the first go around. For The Spymaster’s Secret, all that needed to be changed was the color of her dress!

I have several projects in the works, including the sequel to When the Marquess Returns, and a Christmas novella. I never seem to have a shortage of story ideas *knocks on wood*. Most of my inspiration comes from art, history, and especially music. My current playlist includes Imagine Dragons, Bishop Briggs, Queen, Depeche Mode, and Beethoven (who is always at the top of the list!). My heroes and heroines seem to come to life in my head when I listen to music.

In addition to writing, my daily writer’s life is occupied by researching, social media, and a vain attempt at keeping my email inbox as near to empty as possible. Sadly, the latter only happens a couple of times a year.

During my downtime, I enjoy hanging out with my husband and our two kids, reading, and going for walks—mostly on the treadmill, because that is the only time I watch TV.

This year promises to be a busy year for book signings. In March, I will be at Romancing Williamsburg in Colonial Williamsburg. In April, I will be at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend in Milwaukee, and in May, I will be at the Book Lovers Con in New Orleans. Oh, I almost forgot about the Historical Romance Retreat in September! Please check out my website for more details. I hope to see you soon!

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Title The Spymaster’s Secret

Author Alanna Lucas

Genre Historical Romance-Regency

Book Blurb

The Spy Who Loved Him…

When Athena, Lady Tremayne, finds a mysterious man lying unconscious in her Devon estate, her first assumption is he’s a henchman of Typhon, the evil insurgency intent on bringing down the British monarchy. But further investigation reveals the intruder is Sir Simon Standen, the Legion’s master spy, and the rakish scoundrel responsible for the deaths of her mother and fiancé.

As another loyal member of the Legion, Athena is bound to offer Sir Simon her protection. But it’s an obligation that sears her soul. Not only is he a murderer but once she fancied herself half in love with him—and he apparently remembers nothing as he’s suffering from amnesia.

As Simon convalesces, Athena finds herself falling for him all over again. But unless his memory fully returns and she can discover why he did what he did that traumatic night six years ago, she cannot risk her heart…


Athena’s shoulders sagged. “No. This is not about him. It’s about secrets and lies and—”

“I didn’t lie to you.” She knew Simon hadn’t, he’d just never revealed the truth. But that’s not what this was about either.

“I’m not speaking of you. This conversation is over.” She was tired of the secrets. She wanted to be free. Free from her mistakes and the past.

She turned to open the door, but Simon’s hand pushed against it, keeping it firmly shut. He looked into her eyes.

“What do you mean?” He was so close. If she raised her lips just…

No. Don’t let him affect you, she reminded her brain as her heart pounded wildly in her chest. “Do you expect me to believe you have no skeletons in the cupboard?”

Laughter rumbled from Simon’s chest. “Oh, there are skeletons in my cupboard, they’re just not all mine.”

A war of emotions raged within her. “What do you want?”

“What I’ve always wanted?” His words brushed across her inflamed cheek as heat travelled all the way down to her toes.

Oh, dear.

His warm breath drifted across her jaw, skimming her neck. Her head fell back against the door, her body shifting closer to his of its own accord. The intoxicating sensation of his lips against her neck was going to be her undoing. He pulled back, desire clouding his eyes as he brushed his fingertips across her cheek.

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Title Only Hero Will Do

Author Alanna Lucas

Genre Historical Romance-Regency

Book Blurb

Defender of the realm…and his wary heart…

Captain Grant Alexander is an enigma in London society. Dashing and handsome, he coldly eschews marriage. But the ton knows nothing of his role in the Legion: to bring Typhon, the traitor who seeks to destroy the British monarchy, to justice.

When Grant is thrown together with fellow Legion member Elizabeth Atwell, he’s instantly beguiled yet exasperated by this beautiful viscount’s daughter. She has little interest in combing the marriage mart for a well-bred, well-heeled husband, but is adept at code-breaking and handling a bow and arrow. She also refuses to do as she is told, insisting she accompany Grant on his mission.

As Typhon continues to evade capture and dark forces are at work, Grant realizes he must act, not only to protect the realm but Elizabeth too…not to mention his heart, which is in danger of thawing every time she comes close…


“Why in bloody hell are you wearing breeches?”

Elizabeth stated matter-of-factly, “It’s rather difficult and impractical to sneak about in a dress.”

Did she have no concept of danger? “Where have you been?” The words came out harsher than intended.

“I believe you know the answer to that question, Captain Alexander, and you’re welcome.”

“That was you at Hell’s? You fired the pistol?” His temper flared. “What were you thinking? You could’ve been hurt.”

“I fared better than you.” Ignoring his question, Elizabeth stated, “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing? Come here.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the window.

The warmth of her hand sent a bolt of desire through him. Pale moonlight caressed her full pink lips. He wondered if they tasted as sweet as they looked. Control yourself.

Pulling his hand away, he sucked in his breath as desire and anger collided. “I cannot believe you were traipsing all over London at this time of night as if you were taking a stroll in the park.”

“It wasn’t all over London, and I know how to fend for myself.”

“That’s beside the point.” He softened his tone. “Elizabeth, what were you doing at Hell’s Gaming House?”

“One of the letters I decoded mentioned the gaming house. Clearly I wasn’t off the mark since you believed so as well.”

Rubbing the back of his neck, Grant tried to reason with her. “You can’t go gallivanting all over the place. You’re the daughter of a viscount.”

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Author Biography

Award winning historical romance author Alanna Lucas grew up in Southern California, but always dreamed of distant lands and bygone eras. From an early age, she took an interest in history and travel, and is thrilled to incorporate those diversions into her writing. Alanna writes Regency-set historical romance.

When she is not daydreaming of her next travel destination Alanna can be found researching, spending time with family, or going for long walks. She makes her home in California with her husband, children, one sweet dog, and hundreds of books.

Just for the record, you can never have too many shoes, handbags, or books. And travel is a must.

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