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If you love paranormal, you'll want to read the Angels and Avalon series by Bestseller @Catherin

Title Angels and Avalon

Author Catherine Milos

Genre Paranormal

Book Blurb

Fed up with the antics of gods and their wars, the Archangel Gabriel takes refuge in a secret paradise. The only condition, he must protect Goddess’ treasure.

Driven by pride and darkness, Lucifer aims to dethrone God. Avalon is the perfect place of power and Adamina is the key.

Reincarnated, Adamina and Gabriel desperately try to find each other and stop Lucifer. But a soul can only take so much. Elizabeth McAllistar wants a new life free of Angels and Avalon. Will she be able to overcome the tragedy and the past that haunts her?


Not many mortal women survived the birthing of Angelic babies, especially if they were born with wings. He prayed Adamina’s experience would be different, thankful her race was strong. Raphael began to sing softly. He wound magic into his melody to sooth and relax Adamina further, his words caressing her and intoxicating her enough to free her from the awareness of her pain for a few moments. The third priestess returned with another, both arms full of what Raphael had asked for. He instructed them to lay the objects nearby. He knew she had been in labour since this morning, and cursed himself for letting her out of his sight for a moment. This labour had not been causing her too much difficulty and he had judged it would take a great while before the babe made its way into the world. He misjudged. The baby would come quickly.

“Okay Adamina, it’s time to push.”

Adamina began to flex her muscles, pushing the child out of her. She felt like she was on fire, but the water lapped at her, cooling her.

“Once more Adamina,” Raphael pleaded.

Ribbons of crimson snaked through the water.

Adamina took in a small breath and pushed, hard. She screamed out.

The baby slipped out of his hands and it tried to swim to the surface of the water. He secured the child and lifted it out. Raphael cut and tied the umbilical cord. The child screamed. He handed the child to the priestess not holding Adamina, to be toweled off and wrapped in a warm blanket. Adamina was shaking, but the worst was over. Raphael coached her through the after birth then gently lifted Adamina out of the water. The priestesses cleaned her with the hot water and toweled her off, wrapping her in blankets. They handed her the child. Raphael magically healed the tearing left by the child then applied ointment from his kit. Thankfully, the child did not have wings. Raphael relaxed. Adamina smiled at her baby.

“My little water child, my little Nerina,” Adamina cooed to her daughter.

One of the priestesses was behind her, supporting her so Adamina could sit up. Their heads all swivelled in the direction of snapping leaves and twigs and what sounded like a small army running through the forest. Uriel, followed by Tyrryal, Michael, and Ramiel rushed out of the trees.

“Congratulations brother, you’re a father,” Raphael said to Uriel without meeting his eyes.

“What is it?” Uriel demanded.

“A girl,” Raphael said softly.

Adamina smiled at him, “Her name is Nerina.”

“A girl?” The joy in Uriel’s eyes died away.

The others froze at the distaste in his voice.

“Adamina, the others and I will be gone for a while. We have something to take care of. Have some of the women come to stay with you while we are gone.”

“Uriel, don’t you want to see your child?” Adamina asked.

“I am sure she is beautiful,” Uriel called over his shoulder as he walked away. He left Adamina and his daughter to Raphael and the priestesses.

“Don’t worry, I will be here to help you,” Raphael soothed.

When she was able, Adamina was taken back to the house and settled into bed to rest. The priestesses all filtered into the house to cluck and coo over the blue-eyed little girl. Adamina stared at the ceiling. She knew Uriel had hoped for a son. Her daughter will never be short on love, Adamina vowed as she listened to the women below her room fretting over her little water girl. Adamina closed her eyes.

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Author Biography

Catherine Milos is a best-selling Canadian author who has been writing stories since she could hold a crayon. She has published numerous creative non-fiction articles in journals, essays, poetry and occasionally the odd business writing piece. She finds the most enjoyment in writing novel-length fiction.

Aside from writing, Catherine’s passions include rescuing strays, creating and appreciating art, connecting with nature, and being amazed by the magic of life.

Catherine is a member of the Society of Enlightened Dragonologists, Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Editors Canada, and a Publisher with SaskBooks.

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Title Demons and Destiny

Author Catherine Milos

Genre Paranormal

Book Blurb

What else are friends for, but to rescue you from a deranged reincarnated dark Viking shaman serving a lazy lesser Celtic god? Ex-Angel Tyrel Hanson is cursed. He must send all demons back to Hell before he can be with the woman he loves. The mission is enough to drive him to darkness. Elizabeth McAllistar discovers she is magic-blind. A dangerous condition which could end up killing her and her best-friend Madison. Madison Porter is a scientist. When she suddenly discovers she has magic and a past-life with Tyrel her world is thrown into chaos. Her magic might be the only thing that can free Tyrel from his cursed destiny and keep them all alive.


Kamiel dodged a burst of fire the demon-in-question launched in his direction. He strained to move quickly, leather pants slowing him down, making it a near miss. I could lose valuable body parts like this.

“I told you to keep your bloody guard up!” Tyrel’s voice boomed his consternation. They didn’t have the luxury of time and the last thing Tyrel wanted was to waste time dragging Kamiel’s ass back from purgatory because of a moment of distraction.

“On your right!” Mertle yelled at him, and Kamiel rolled out of the way once more.

She stood to one side of Tyrel. She had long brown hair and, like Kamiel, amethyst colored eyes. Otherwise, being reincarnated chased the features of Uriel and Adamina from their second youngest child, Shira’s - now named Mertle - appearance.

Kamiel’s frustration with his attire distracted him again momentarily. The next blast of fire singed his jacket. Tyrel glared at Kamiel. If this demon didn’t kill him, Tyrel just might.

“Would somebody deal with this thing before I die?” Kamiel’s voice was high pitched, causing Mertle to giggle. It took too long for Kamiel to shift into his Shadow form and he ended the transformation early, painfully, to dodge another infuriating blast.

“On it!” Sheehan-now-Stephen called. Sheehan had been Shira’s twin and the youngest child of Adamina and Uriel’s. He had dirty-blond hair and a solid frame. Nothing of Avalon remained except his eyes. They were piercing blue, just like Uriel’s had been. Stephen skateboarded around the demon, spreading a circle of salt and sand.

The demon wasn’t particularly large, but the fact that it was enveloped in flames and spitting fireballs made the fire sprite exceptionally dangerous. It was faster than Kamiel’s usual sneak attack, which meant the game plan had to change. Mertle’s dry run was pretty intense. Mertle’s memories of Avalon brought with them her gifts of song magic. Tyrel felt the rise of her power while wandering in the Shadow Realm and sought her out immediately. The full weight of her memories of Avalon hit her when Tyrel introduced her to Stephen, her Avalonian twin. That was only a month ago.

Tyrel didn’t have time for the twins to reorient themselves and settle into their powers. He demanded they attend demon hunting and learn on the job. It may be risky but Tyrel didn’t have time to wait around. He had a mission to end and Madison’s arrival meant the end was close. Soon he would be free from taking orders from gods and could begin to live a mortal life like Tyrel intended when he left Heaven.

The fire sprite was now trapped in the salt circle, but that didn’t stop it from spewing fire everywhere. Kamiel shot a ball of Shadow at it. The fire sprite proceeded to eat the ball of Shadow and grow larger from it.

“Some foresight you have!” Stephen quipped.

“Ah, shove it, you runt.” Kamiel glared at Stephen and dodged another tongue of fire. As soon as he landed, he pulled out a pocket knife and slashed at the fabric over his knees. The tears instantly gave him more mobility. Last time I wear these things.

Stephen sent an electrical shock through the sand and salt, partially solidifying the circle and giving it a glassy sheen. “Mertle!” he shouted.

She responded to Stephen’s cry with a haunting melody. The fire demon ceased its attacks. Slowly, it seemed to burn with less ferocity as she sang her song. Its body swaying as it stared up at the stars in the night sky.

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Title Innocence and Ire

Author Catherine Milos

Genre Paranormal

Book Blurb

They want to release a monster. The day the fire came turned Morgana into a murderer. That past far behind her, Morgana Lockwood is now a successful young woman, living another life as the owner of a small jewellery store chain that makes beautiful accessories blessed with magic. But two of her sisters have returned, wings and all, unchanged since Avalon. With the lives of her employees threatened, she has no choice. Morgana will have to show them where Lucifer is locked away.


The merchant’s table was covered in loose gems and jewellery.

He won’t miss one necklace. I just need to sneak in and get out.

Then her sisters would stop harassing her. Then she could get the money from Dad and come back here and pay it off.

The merchant turned his attention to a patron. Morgana steeled herself—it was now or never.

She slipped in the back of the booth between the sturdy metal railing of the tent and the seamstress’ shop wall. The merchant turned away from her to help another customer. Morgana swallowed her guilt and reached for the necklace. Her hand closed around it and she stepped back.


Oh no.

Morgana swallowed and looked up. The merchant glared down at her. She tried to flee back the way she came, but the merchant’s big hand closed around her wrist.

“Thief!” he yelled. Other merchants, soldiers, and sailors in the market would no doubt soon be flooding to his aid. She glanced to the alley. Aera and Mora were gone.


Morgana looked for an opening, but the crowd around the booth thickened. She struggled. If the merchant didn’t have such a monstrous grip, she would be able to get away.

“Trying to escape? I’ll teach you.” The merchant raised his free hand. Morgana’s eyes widened and her breath caught in her chest. Her heart stopped and the world seemed to halt, growing silent. In slow motion, the merchant’s hand descended on her. Panic rose first, but it quickly changed to anger.

This is all Aera and Mora’s fault! How could I trust they would be honest? Morgana thought.

The merchant’s hand connected with her cheek, sending sharp pain through her.

Heat radiated across her face, crawled down her neck and across her body. Morgana glared at the merchant. His eyes widened and he cried out. He released her and stumbled backward.

Everything around her became sharply illuminated. All shadows disappeared.

Aera! Thank the gods. She must be blinding the market to let me escape!

Morgana looked around for her opening, but no one else seemed affected by the light. They all just stood there, staring at her and the merchant. Morgana winced and squinted. The brightness grew until it was blinding. Her eyes burned.

No. Aera wasn’t helping her. Aera was going to blind her for failing. She screamed in pain. The faces blurred away.

Aera, stop! Please!

Raging heat travelled down her neck and across her arms, pooling in her hands. She tried to gasp for air, but only inhaled more heat. Tears of white flame fell from her eyes and hit the ground beneath her feet. She stumbled forwards, groping blindly, and the blaze raced down her legs to her toes.

Aera, please don’t kill me . . .

She couldn’t see anything. She couldn’t hear anything. All she could feel was heat, like fire. She tried to cry for help. Her desperation was answered only by fire and light building in her belly. Morgana knew she must be dying. It felt as though her flesh was melting away. She felt sick, like a ball of hot light sat within her stomach.

Aera, if you can hear me, please stop. I’m sorry! I’ll—

The ball of flame inside her stomach grew and exploded, then everything went dark.

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