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Book Review | To Have and To Hold (Meryton Brides Book 1) by @Krosewrites #romance #bookreview #KU

Title: To Have and To Hold (Meryton Brides Book 1)

Author: Kristi Rose

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Love happens, but only if you believe.

Friends to lovers?

Pastry chef, Lottie Lucas, has loved Pastor Bill Collins since they were children and they helped each other memorize their multiplication tables. But Lottie’s tired of waiting for Bill to clue in that she’s the one for him. When an opportunity to expand her growing cupcake line means she’ll have to move out of Meryton, Lottie must decide which of her heart’s desire to pursue.

Enemies to…Friends?

Elizabeth Bennet, owner of Meryton Matchmakers, wants nothing more than for corporate raider, William Darcy, to butt out of her business. What possibly could the cold, standoffish loner know about love and affairs of the heart? If she can’t convince William Meryton Matchmaker’s value extends beyond its small yearly profit, she’ll not only lose her livelihood but her dream of helping others find love.

Formerly titled Meryton Matchmakers: Lottie Pursues Bill.

My Review:

An inventive and addicting Pride and Prejudice retelling set in modern day.

Lottie Lucas is in love with Bill Collins ever since they were kids but all he sees her as is a best pal. Growing frustrated, she conspires with her other best friend, Elizabeth Bennet, to make Bill see her as a woman. He’s denser than her brick oven and even after they share a kiss, he doesn’t see her like she sees him. When an offer to expand her cupcake business presents itself, she decides it’s time to move on. Will Bill make a last-ditch effort to secure her as his true love or will he let her go fearing for the future?

Elizabeth and her sisters built Meryton Matchmakers but they’re struggling to make it as a small business. When their not-so-silent partner asks to be bought out or automate, Elizabeth resents the intrusion almost as much as she despises William Darcy. He’s a cold, unfeeling billionaire whose next company to put out of business appears to be Meryton Matchmakers. Elizabeth fights tooth and nail to show Darcy she’s no simpering miss. Will she succeed or will her business go down in flames?

What a brilliant romantic comedy retelling of a classic. All the Bennet sisters as well as Darcy, Col. Fitzwilliam, Charlie Bingly, and Catherine De Burgh leap off the page. The sparks fly between Lizzie and Darcy though in this installment, it’s all animosity. But it’s Lottie and Bill who are the stars of this book. It’s a classic friends to lovers trope with plenty of twists thrown in. Descriptive narration thrusts the reader into Meryton with beloved characters vying for attention. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to read the next one.

If you’re a Pride and Prejudice fan, this is a must-read. If you love romantic comedy with plenty of characters to enjoy, pick this up today.

Disclaimer: I read this on Kindle Unlimited CA.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

USA Today Bestseller Kristi Rose was raised in central Florida on boiled peanuts and iced tea. Today, she's a wife and a mother. She's been lucky enough to travel the world and has lived by an active volcano, almost fallen off a German Alp, and eloped in Arkansas. No matter where she is, she enjoys watching people and wonders about their story. That's what Kristi writes about: everyday people, the love that brings them together, and their journey.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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