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Book Recommendation | Fear Justice (The Fear Chronicles, Book 1) by @ccbolick #urbanfantasy #yalit #

Title: Fear Justice

Author: C.C. Bolick

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb

Seventeen-year-old Rena Mason counts the days until she can leave for college. Every night her father drinks himself to sleep, leaving her to care for her younger brother. When her father is kidnapped by terrorists, her dreams of freedom become a nightmare. Stunned that her father has a history with these terrorists, Rena knows she must run or be their next victim. She learns the tough guy at school has a reason to look after her – he’s working for a government agency with the same goal as the terrorists: find a woman who disappeared eighteen years ago. Time is running out since only this woman’s special gift can save the world from a looming nuclear attack. Rena can’t trust anyone, especially not the stone-cold agent she’s falling for. Can they save the world before Rena’s feelings trap her in an agent’s fight for justice?


A car turned in front of us and I barely whispered Tony’s name before he swung us to the left into oncoming traffic. He turned the wheel and made us spin in a three-sixty. The cars blurred around me. Sounds of screeching brakes and blasting horns became a musical barrage as I prepared for metal-on-metal at any moment. When Tony recovered the car, we were back in the same lane moving forward, but now the black car was in front of us.

“Reach in the glove box,” Tony said. “Hand me the gun inside, but don’t touch the trigger. It’s loaded.”

The door in front of me creaked as it opened. There was no paperwork jammed inside, like in Dad’s truck, only a black gun, similar to what Max had offered me.

“Is anything wrong?”

“Wrong? You just asked me to hand you a gun. Why are you driving around with a gun in your glove box?”

“To keep people like you from getting us killed.” He reached over me and grabbed the gun. “Let’s try this again. How about holding the wheel?”

Startled, I reached over and grabbed the wheel. “What are you doing?”

“Getting rid of our tail.” He leaned out of his window and fired a shot at the black car. The car next to us swerved and hit the brakes. Again, Tony fired, this time hitting one of the black car’s tires. A cloud of smoke and rubber exploded from the back tire on the left. He fired a third shot and hit the right back tire.

I gripped the wheel until my knuckles turned white. The Nova swerved to the edge of the road and I pushed the wheel to the left to miss the black car. The right front of our bumper clipped the back left of theirs, causing the black car to spin.

Tony landed back in his seat and swore as he grabbed the wheel. “What the hell were you doing?”

“Trying to keep us from wrecking.” I glanced in the side mirror and other cars were slowing to check on the black car, which was now pointed nose-first in a ditch. “I’m sorry if I damaged your car.”

To my surprise, Tony laughed. “That was pretty good driving. And no, this isn’t my car. I borrowed it, remember?” He handed me the gun. “Can you put this back?”

I stared at the gun. Why was everyone wanting to get a gun in my hand today? “I’ve never held one of those.”

“Never?” His eyebrows rose. “I thought that, given who your dad was… I mean, you said he was kidnapped.”

“I don’t know who my dad is.” I reached for the gun and pinched the handle in two of my fingers, holding it as far away as possible. After I placed the gun back in the dash, I closed the door tight. I thought about our conversation from earlier. “What do you know about my dad?”

“Well, you said he was kidnapped. Any idea of who took him?”

In the mirror, a car and a truck pulled over to check on the black car. No one seemed to be rushing to get out. “Do you think they’re okay?”

“Do you want to turn around and check?”

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Author Biography

C.C. Bolick is the author of nine young adult books, including the Leftover Girl series and The Agency series. She grew up in a small Alabama town where she learned the best roads were always the muddiest. An engineer by day and author by night, C.C. loves to mix teenage drama with her favorite genres—romance, sci-fi, and paranormal. She writes complex stories about seemingly normal teens who learn they're anything but normal. C.C. likes her characters with big hearts, room to grow, and the strength to fight for what they believe in. If you enjoy page-turning drama, family secrets, epic love stories, and a special power or two, her books might be for you.

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