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Love and Kisses Christmas Collection by Debra Elizabeth @dlmartin6 #ChristmasinJulyFete #giveaway #h

Title: Love and Kisses Christmas Collection

Author: Debra Elizabeth

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

3 clean and sweet Christmas stories that will make you believe in love.

Christmas Wedding Wishes

After being left at the altar, Callie Spencer needed a fresh start. She accepted a position as the Children's Librarian in a small Vermont town. Single dad Tom Sullivan was too busy raising his 4-year-old daughter to look for love, but all that changed when he meets Callie. Can these two fragile souls find love and heal their broken hearts? Second Chance Christmas

Megan Duffy needed to get away after a broken engagement and a few days at her family's cabin could be just what she needed. She was looking forward to the peace and quiet, that is, until she meets hunky store owner Ryker McCabe. Can Ryker put the light back in her eyes and heal her broken heart? Mistletoe Kisses

Petite Ellie Davison had the worst luck when it came to dating. Not wanting to endure any more bad first dates, she swore off dating, that is, until she met the impossibly handsome Jared at her friend's wedding. Corporate lawyer Jared Castian was not pleased when his Washington firm transferred him to Boston to oversee a complicated merger. He was on the fast-track to making partner and had no time to date. When a chance meeting at his friend's wedding paired him with bridesmaid Ellie Davison, he found himself captivated by the pretty brunette. Was Ellie the one that would open his heart to love?


She couldn’t keep the smile from her face as she looked in the mirror while Anna adjusted the veil over the golden brown curls brushing her shoulders. Her strapless a-line silk gown adorned with crystal and pearl beading along the hem was gorgeous in its simplicity. She had known the minute she saw it hanging in the bridal salon that this was the wedding gown she wanted. Everything about it was perfection. Adding the fingertip veil with matching crystals along the border was the final touch to her ensemble. The crystals would sparkle in the light as Callie walked down the aisle on the arm of her beloved brother, Shawn, to marry the man of her dreams. She was beyond happy.

“You look so beautiful,” Anna said, securing the veil with a few pins.

“Thank you, Anna.”

Anna Brown had been her best friend since the second grade, when her family had moved into the house across the street in their small Connecticut town. They had shared everything through the years from schoolyard games to girl scouts to first crushes. They confided in each other about everything. Callie couldn’t imagine anyone else filling the shoes of maid of honor on her special day.

She glanced at Anna, who looked beautiful in her floor-length lavender chiffon dress. The color was stunning and complemented her dark hair and porcelain skin to perfection.

“Wait until Ethan sees you,” Anna said.

“Mrs. Callie Donovan has such a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”


Callie hugged her dearest friend. “Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have done all this without you.”

“You can stop thanking me now. You know I wouldn’t be anywhere else. It’s been so much fun planning your wedding and just look at you. You’re a vision. I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride.”

The girls’ tender moment was interrupted when Callie’s phone pinged.

“I bet that’s Ethan sending me a heart text,” Callie said as she walked to the table to retrieve the phone. “He’s always sending them to me. I love that he’s so thoughtful. I feel so lucky to have found him. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect match.”

“That’s sweet,” Anna said.

Callie picked up the phone and stared at the text. Her mouth fell open and she doubled over as a sharp pain sliced through her. “Please, no,” came her strangled cry.

Anna rushed to her friend. “Callie, what’s the matter?”

Callie held out the phone for Anna to see. The message contained only one word, but it was the one word she never thought she’d see. Especially, not today—a day that had started so well.


“He’s gone,” Callie whispered, a hollow feeling suddenly engulfing her.

After reading the text, Anna tried to reassure Callie and helped her sit in the chair. “Don’t panic. Let me go see what’s going on. I’ll be right back, okay?”

Callie nodded, but she knew in her heart that today wasn’t going to turn out like she thought it would when she woke up this morning. She had been so happy—the birds were singing, the sun was shining and her future with Ethan had looked so bright. Today was supposed to be the first day of the rest of her life with Ethan, or so she thought. She blinked several times trying to stem the tide of tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks. She wanted to be wrong about the meaning of the text, but she knew in her heart that she wasn’t.

She racked her brain, trying to make sense of it all. What could have happened between last night’s rehearsal dinner and this morning? Ethan had been his usual gregarious self, laughing and talking with the bridal party, her mom and brother and his parents. He gave no hint whatsoever that he was having second thoughts about marrying her. And what about the house? They had submitted an offer for a charming Craftsman style house yesterday. It was perfect for them—three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a modern kitchen. It was her dream house—everything she’d ever wanted with its wide front porch and big back yard. It was where she had hoped to raise their children. Now that was just another ruined dream.

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What I love most about the holiday season:

I love the magic of the holiday season from making cookies to decorating the Christmas tree and watching it all unfold through the eyes of children.


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Runs July 1 – 31

Drawing will be held on August 1.

Author Biography:

Debra writes sweet romance in contemporary romance and historical romance. She enjoys telling stories and has been pouring out her passion for romance since her teenage years.

She lives in New England with her husband and one exhausted kitty.

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