Author Spotlight | @ncsamuelson writes stories of transforming lives & transcending time #bookis

As the writer of novels of relationships, love, family, friends and life in general that span time, I can honestly say, as most authors would, that personal experience directly influences most of my stories. I’ve been asked, ‘What will you do when you run out of personal experiences?” I answered, ‘No one runs out of life experience until they die.” And I believe, even then, after that, life goes on and I sometimes write about this aspect, too—what happens after that last breath and the next new breath in a new form of living. There are so many ways to imagine this, or, in some cases, recall this, that there is an infinite number of stories to write about life in all its manifestations.

When I write, I include realistic human experience—from heartbreak, loss, abuse, pain in every way to the other end of the spectrum of love, kindness, kinship, healing, and growth among other aspects. Some of my stories show how the repercussions of these ‘acts of living’ are so deep-seated and profound that they might span life and death. Not all my books deal with this (the first two do—Eternal Seas and Echoes of Love), but most will have some form of mystical influences or events. Why? Because life is not ordinary or predictable. Life in its essence is unfathomable and reaches beyond the here and now. It’s miraculous, extraordinary, magical and inexplicable within our earthly comprehension.

My characters, plots and themes everyone can relate to—grounded, real people who face challenges like everyone alive. I’ve dealt personally with a lot of my subject matter, but not all. I’ve learned a great deal through others I have intimately known and shared their life experiences. That is the base from which my imagination springs to create fictional stories and characters. But I’ve known firsthand the pain of betrayal, loss both physical and material; divorce, single motherhood; tragic and early deaths of family and friends; unearthly wild bonds of love and devastating losses to the same degree. It’s easy to write the happy, ‘in-love’ and happily ever after parts. I choose to also write about the gritty aspects because it’s necessary and true-to-life—universally experienced and understood. The fun part is writing the ‘coming back’ and the healing part.

I grew up in a large extended middle-class family in NY 60 miles northwest of NYC near the Hudson River. As a kid I had a great imagination which I still put to use--observing people everywhere and conjuring stories about their lives. I put myself through college, worked hard and excelled at careers, worked on 5th Ave in Manhattan, owned a business, managed others, worked in graphic design and newspaper production. I was forced by varying circumstances to move every couple years or so and many times struggled alone. I lived and travelled from east coast to west, north to south, mountains to desert to near the sea; and a little overseas and Canada & Mexico.