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Book Review | Copper Pennies by @Carrie_D_Miller #bookreview #paranormal #urbanfantasy

Title: Copper Pennies

Author: Carrie D. Miller

Genre: Dark Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Magda stands in the moonlit cemetery waiting for the spell to work, for her lover to return. But what’s done can’t be undone, and Magda will learn she should have left him in the ground.

When twins Avery and Chloe Parsons receive a cryptic letter and a sinister-looking book filled with illegible scrawls from their grandmother, the sisters set out for Prague to check on her.

Drawn to a cracked crystal ball in a curiosity shop, Chloe discovers it harbors the spirit of their grandmother, who tells them a horrific tale of lust, naïveté, betrayal, and… demons.

Armed with a book of dark magick they can’t read and a cracked crystal ball, the twins must stop Magda’s resurrected lover before he releases an unstoppable force that will consume the human world.

Across continents and nearly a century, follow the adventures of three strong-willed women: one seduced by evil, one struggling to withstand the lure of power, and one trying to save her family—and the world.

My Review:

This book drips with evil. The author is able to create a world of evil and there is a sense of darkness emanating from this work that I haven't seen since reading 'The Omen'. An intriguing approach to character creation leads the reader to think this book is about Magda but that isn't necessarily true. She is the main component for the first 52% but then slides into the periphery while the twins kind of take over.

In looking for a comparable, I think fans of The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty will love this book. The reader is kept on edge from almost start to finish and the book ends with the reader having their own heart beating fast. There seems to be nothing good that can deal with the multi levels of evil purveying this world.

I did find it accurate for Avery near the end to remark that the old coins on the ground could be worth thousands but probably only hundreds with the scratches and marks. If only all collectors who wanted to sell their collections knew that bit of numismatic knowledge!

A powerful addition to the dark works of evil fiction that could have mass appeal.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

In a former life, Carrie was an executive in the software industry. Her career in the technology world included software product management, website design, training, and technical writing just to name a few. At the age of 45, she decided to chuck it all to become an author which had been a life-long dream.

When her nose is not in a book or in front of a monitor, she can be found inventing cocktails, hanging out at the dog park, or in the kitchen making dog and cat treats.

At present, she lives in a suburb of Tucson, Arizona, with her long-time boyfriend and two rescues, a semi-feral cat and derpy German Shepherd.

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