Book Series Recommendation | A Desert Love series by @angelinakalhari #romance #bookish #kindleunlim

Title – Under A Namibian Sky

Author – Angelina Kalahari

Genre – Contemporary Romance

Publisher – Flame Projects

Book Blurb

A beautiful love story that will capture your heart.

No one remains lost. Love is the deepest healer of all.

Desert guide, Naomi Smith, is an ordinary young woman - until her world is shattered by the arrival of Luca Armati, the heir apparent to the Italian supercar dynasty that bears his family name.

Naomi is appointed to look after Luca and his older secretary during their short stay at Desert Lodge. She suspects he’s a spoiled brat, like all the other 'princes' who come to vacation there and readies herself for his demands. But she soon realizes there is more to Luca than meets the eye. When Luca's secret is exposed, the hurt he carries allows Naomi to share her secret heartache with him.

Will the pain of their past experiences prevent them from having the courage to admit their soulmate connection?

If you like novels by M. M. Kay or Mary Stewart, then you will love Under A Namibian Sky, an emotionally riveting love story.

Explore Under A Namibian Sky, the first novel in the captivating Desert Love contemporary romance series today.

“The story was so compelling, I simply couldn’t put this book down." - Amazon reviewer.

Disclaimer: This novel contains some heat and a happy ending. Don't forget, it's also available in Kindle Unlimited.


She should have known.

Naomi cursed under her breath as she walked around the side of the building to the pool, only to hear the sounds of someone already swimming there.


She’d forgotten about him. Well, actually she’d been thinking about him all night, wondering what to do with him today, where to take him to see more elephants. She ignored the little voice in her head that insisted it wasn’t the only reason she’d been thinking of him, of his gorgeous body, his lovely smile, his dark eyes… She’d been concentrating on where to take him so much, in fact, that she’d forgotten about the possibility he might swim early this morning.

It was the best time for it, when some stars still twinkled in the lighter blue sky, the ghost of the moon faded, and the birds sang their welcome to the new day.

Damn. It was too late to turn back.

Luca had just finished swimming a length and was leaning on the side of the pool closest to where she was standing.

He was wearing a wicked grin on his handsome face. He’d seen her.

“Buongiorno. What a vision you are, amore.”

His eyes traveled down her body, admiring her usual pink bathing suit and rested momentarily on her pubis before traveling up again to her breasts. The mischievous glint was undisguised as his eyes sought and held hers.

His gaze was so bold and so shocking that she felt heat traveling up her neck despite her best intentions.

What? Was he flirting first thing in the morning? Does the man never stop?

Naomi forced a smile to connect with her face. He was a guest, after all.

“Good morning, Luca. You’re up early.”

“Habit, I’m afraid. Come on in. The water is lovely. Ah, but you probably already know that. I’m guessing you swim every morning, or did you come to join me this morning especially?”

“At the risk of sounding petulant, I’m not even going to answer that.”

Luca pulled such a face of supposed disappointment that Naomi couldn’t help giggling. She shook her flip-flops from her feet, dropped her towel over them, and dived over his head into the pool. She swam underwater for a while before surfacing and swimming freestyle in the opposite direction. But he surprised her by touching the side of the pool next to her at the same time her hand landed there.

“You’re fast.”

Luca’s grin was one of sheer joy.

“I know. I love swimming.”

“And flying…”

He was still grinning, his eyes staying on hers.

“And flying.”

“And driving fast cars?”

His grin became wider as he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“And driving fast cars.”

“So what’s with the photography? You seem such a man of action otherwise?”

“It’s just one of my hobbies. The other is painting. I told you I love beautiful things.”

She was determined not to fall for his flirting yet again. Yesterday it was new, but now it was old news.

“Like beautiful cars, you mean?”

“I don’t create them myself, unfortunately. There are far more talented men to blame for those. But now and then I get to have some input on color or interior design or something small like that. Not enough to satisfy my creative urges.”

He moved closer to her, his eyes still fixed on hers, a smile emphasizing the contours his designer stubble created on his handsome face. He spoke just above a whisper taking his cue from Naomi in order not to wake the other guests.

“But how about you, amore? What are your hobbies? What stirs your passions?”