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Conquering the Aliens, Volume Two – Caden’s Submission by Nelida Coy @SerenaDracis is a Fall Into Th

Title: Conquering the Aliens, Volume Two – Caden’s Submission

Author: Nelida Coy

Genre: Erotic Romance Short Story

Book Blurb:

A dying race, a defeated Earth - the saving of both. The N’Gali only know how to conquer, and Earth is the latest to fall to their warriors. Angelina is among the thousands captured and transported to one of the giant motherships orbiting Earth. Caden’s latest orders are to breed. He’s posted to the mothership after subjugating the little blue planet. He thinks this human female is to serve his pleasure. Instead, the sexy and dominating Angelina gets the upper hand on the N’Gali fighting man, and teaches the undefeated warrior the joy of submission. Caden’s response to the Earth female baffles him, even as he’s aroused by her fiendish torments. Angelina and Caden explore forbidden facets of their most primal needs to discover the key to their species salvation.

Disclaimer: The following excerpt is 18+ due to mature language and adult situations.


The tiny female burst into tears as she raced out the sliding door. Caden collapsed onto the bed with an exasperated sigh.

“Another one?” The den mother peered in through the open door. Caden’s nakedness was not surprising, here in the hallways housing the pleasure females. “You shouldn’t make them cry, warrior. Crying decreases their already diminished fertility. Oona won’t ripen again now for many cycles.”

“The N’Gali are doomed then!” Caden laughed, not bothering to hide his bitterness. The den mother tutted, but her focus was on her data pad as she pressed and tapped. Rolling his eyes at her distraction, the battle-hardened male sat up and began pulling on his warrior trappings. Adjusting the straps and buckles over his broad muscular chest and around the ribbed plates of his abdomen he declared. “I should not be able to make them cry.”

The brief war for the little blue planet called Earth had not been enough to satisfy Caden. The battles didn’t deserve the name—human technologies were pitifully ineffective against the superior N’Gali war machines. He’d been vocal about his displeasure too and suspected the orders transferring him back to the mothership were to stop his divisive speeches. They came through just hours after his last rant in the mess hall.

He resented being trapped on the mothership with nothing to do but try to fuck to preserve his dying species. He’d rather be down there keeping the planet under submission. Others in his squadron reveled in their orders and boasted loudly of their beddings. He was grateful none of his brother warriors had noticed Caden usually slipped away when the talk turned to sex and which pleasure female they enjoyed most. Unlike his guns and sword, Caden’s member refused to cooperate. Not all the most teasing and tempting ministrations of the females brought exclusively to slake a fighting man’s needs could get so much as twitch.

The den mother clucked and tossed him a disapproving glare. “Warriors who only know to storm and conquer are the reason our species is in this predicament.” Her sharp tone said she took her duty pairing the women with the appropriate champion as a sacred task. “We must seek a balance. Our warriors need to learn what it is to submit, finding pleasure in service to others.”

Caden hooted with laughter and moved to push past the den mother, but she stilled him with a bare brush of fingers against his shoulder. “New orders, hero, from your commander.” Caden read the words displayed on the pad, but did not want to believe them.

“Take your weapons back to your quarters, then come find me.” Though softly spoken, there was no mistaking the command, and Caden bristled at a female ordering him around.

“This must be a mistake.”


Angelina wanted to kick or hit someone.

The invading aliens had captured her, but they had failed to subdue her. And they’re moving me again. Transporting her from one cell to another happened at least once a day.

The ET’s sort of looked like they’d fallen out of the movie Avatar, except they didn’t have those freaky long braids. They were also human-sized - if all Earth males worked out like gym-rats. Well-endowed, muscular and with abundant weaponry strapped to their gorgeous bodies ensured no one mistook them for anything but fighters.

Angelina had only seen the males. She had to admit; they were magnificent specimens. Fanciful stripes of green and gold wove over their deep blue bodies, that faded to pale blue-white flecked with gold on their bellies. She saw a lot of alien skin—the males didn’t wear much—leathery straps to hold their weapons and a cloth to cover their manhoods.

She tried to steal those weapons and fought like a tigress when they took her. Angelina was accustomed to subduing men—but these aliens did not play fair! Point that little wand at her and its piercing tone froze every muscle. All they had to do was pick her up and sling her over wide, muscular shoulders.

Angelina hated that. And now—a thick-muscled alien carried her down a long, featureless hallway again, and into yet another cell.

This one though, was different. This one held an assortment of toys. Although she could not move, from her vantage point on the alien’s shoulder she could see what looked like whips, paddles, manacles, and more—all neatly arranged on the walls, on shelves, and hanging from hooks. The variety made Angelina’s heart beat faster. This place seemed made for her kind of fun.

The sight of his wide back and taut ass as she bounced and bobbed on his shoulder and bulging bicep triggered more than one tingle of pleasure, although she didn’t want to admit it. She welcomed the coursing fury every time they reminded her she was a captive. Being carried about like a rag doll just added to the insult.

The blue beast carrying her shifted and she slid off his shoulder, landing with a thump on a plush bed covered in luxurious silks and coverlets. Muscles quivered but refused to obey her command to turn and see his face.

He spun away from her to speak to someone behind him. Still paralyzed, Angelina could not see whom he addressed, but startled when a distinctly feminine voice answered the rough male.

A female approached—the first Angelina had seen. She was stunning. Her burgundy hair flowed with lighter lavender highlights, but her conservative dress hid much compared to the male. A long white shift covered her from shoulders to calf, but the scoop neck and satiny material clung to her voluptuous body. She bent over Angelina, laying a device on her forehead.

Sharp, stabbing pain with a chaser of nausea and dizziness jolted from the contact points of the device. She might have even fainted. Horrified she betrayed such a weakness brought back full awareness. The two blue aliens were facing each other, wearing similar expressions of distaste and anger. As the pain faded, the female’s words were clear.

“Your orders stand, warrior. I gave you the choice in this, if you’ll recall. Do you wish to rescind your agreement?”

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Conquering the Aliens is about a dying race that decisively defeats Earth’s defense’s and captures thousands, but what were their true motives? Through separate, short, but interconnected stories this series explores love, power, and the power of love to heal. And sex, of course there’s sex.


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Author Biography:

Nelida Coy writes about sex. Passionate, right-now, gotta have it, with some BDSM and fem-dom elements. Short stories to kindle your fires, set in the boundless reaches of your imagination. Fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi stories with characters who'll leave you breathless.

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