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Country Roads by @grea_warner is a Fall Into These Great Reads Pick #99cents #womensfiction #giveawa

Title: Country Roads

Author: Grea Warner

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

A young woman content with her solitary life. A rising country music star. They were friends once ...until their lives took them down separate roads. Now, years later, when a child volunteers his uncle to sing for a fundraiser, Lara Faulkner realizes it is none other than her college pal, Finn Murphy. As the two get a chance to reconnect, Lara reveals to a compassionate Finn details of her shocking past and the traumatic decision she had to make. Through trust and love, the bond between Finn and Lara deepens as the country singer manages to get an emotionally scarred Lara to let down her self-proclaimed walls. But will secrets, lies, and tragedy cause a bumpy detour on their road to complete happiness? Emotional, dramatic, heartwarming... fall in love with Country Roads - the first in a continuing series and a finalist in the 2019 Contemporary Romance Writers Stiletto Contest.


I started kneading my knuckles into the inner corner of my eyes willing them to give up their relentless tearing onslaught. It seemed to work but, consequently, left my fingers coal black from mascara remnants. I stood, trying to recollect myself, noticing Will and Nola approaching. Nola froze when she heard her brother singing and looked from the doorway to me. I shook my head, helpless.

I was helpless. We all were. I didn’t know what to do. Or even if I should.

As if reading my mind, Nola reached out and clasped both of my hands. “Stay. Please.”

I squeezed back, giving Wyatt’s mother what strength I had in me. “I need to go splash some water on my face. He…they…don’t need to see me like this.”

“But they do need to see you.”

I half-smiled, gave an extra squeeze, and followed the signs to the public restroom. God, I looked awful —such a contrast to that sleek persona I had prepared to present to Finn when the day had started. A water geyser over my entire head wouldn’t be able to reclaim any semblance of normalcy. I dabbed dampened paper towels on my face and reapplied some colored lip balm. Taking an extended moment to breathe in and out, I grabbed the sink edge, said a silent prayer, and started the short walk back.

Buy Links:

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What makes this book a must-read and/or what inspired you to write this story:

Country Roads came to be because my college reunion was approaching. I was wondering what it would be like to see everyone—how we had changed…what former classmates were up to…the memories. So, I had my main character, Lara, meet up with a man from her collegiate past. And because I am a huge country music fan, I made that man, Finn, be a country music star. Country Roads was initially intended to be a standalone, where Finn died at the end. But the more I delved into these characters, I couldn’t let them go. The multi-book series explores Lara’s internal struggles with her past, as well as Finn’s personal demons, too. The readers experience not only their growth as individuals but as a couple. I am always honored and touched when I hear how people have cried when reading the books. There is a lot of drama and emotions, but it ends with the readers — and characters! — happy.


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Author Biography:

There really wasn’t any other path. Grea Warner knew from a young age that she wanted to write. She was born to write. First it was in diaries with little metal keys and in written tales that she slipped to friends in study hall. School newspapers, a college television drama, and the soap opera world were next. After producing and writing a local show, she decided to delve into the world of the novelist. When her fingers aren’t tapping out her latest book filled with angst and romance, Grea can be found hiking the trails or jamming to her favorite country artists on the radio.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @grea_warner

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