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Conquering the Aliens, Volume One - Izabella Enslaves Her Captor by Nelida Coy @SerenaDracis #erotic

Title: Conquering the Aliens, Volume One - Izabella Enslaves Her Captor

Author: Nelida Coy

Genre: Erotic Short Story

Book Blurb:

A dying race, a defeated Earth - the saving of both. Izabella never thought captivity would be so boring. Days run together on the giant ship hovering above Earth with nothing to do but fantasize about her delicious blue captors. Her fantasies come true when one of her captors takes her from her cell to lush and decadent bower. The alien is a splendid specimen of masculinity, and he proves how eager he is to fulfill her every wish. Izabella delights in commanding this blue alien to satisfy her, and he obeys – completely. Enough to make her forget she's still a captive of his invading race. And to wonder - why capture her only to give her one of their own?


What day is it back on Earth? Izabella combed roughly through her platinum hair with her fingers. There were no clocks or windows in this tiny cell on the mothership. She had no way of knowing if she was even in the vicinity of Earth, or if the craft had left orbit for deep space.

The aliens arrived without warning, swiftly and easily defeating even the most advanced technology humanity had devised. Suddenly subject to the whims of their new ET overlords, the denizens of Earth were collected up by the thousands.

Izabella though, was no alien’s slave. It simply wasn’t in her dominant nature, and neither was captivity.

Give me just half an hour alone with one and I’ll enslave him! Izabella tugged at her skirt and blouse, running her hands over her hips before crossing them over her full breasts. She was still in the clothes she’d been captured in and she was desperate for a shower. Or a good soak and a massage. She was sure it had been at least a couple days.

She thought longingly of sinking into a deep tub, the warm water wrapping her in a liquid caress. Closing her eyes, she sank into her fantasy, letting her hands play lightly over her sleek flanks, and brush the tops of her thighs. The soft strokes soothing her already overwrought imagination and anxiety.

So far, her imprisonment was only monotonous. Her basic physical needs were met, but otherwise she felt like she might die of boredom. She paced, and fumed, and ached for something to do. Anything. Or anyone.

Wonder what the aliens did with the others? She and her fellow humans had been herded together like cattle. Stumbling and tripping past the changes in gravity, they had been forced up a ramp and into the huge holding bay of a transport ship that brought them here, to one of the many motherships. Each was as big as a small city, and they ringed Earth like a deadly necklace.

In a nightmare scene right out a blockbuster space opera, the ET’s once more drove the captives through a massive bay lined with the fighter craft that had taken down Earth’s forces, then into the hallways of the mothership. There, she’d been separated from the rest, shoved into this cell, and hadn’t seen another living being since.

Until now.

Jaylen was not a typical N’Gali. He was taller than most of his race, thickly muscled, toned and in peak condition. He loved the way his muscles flowed and blood pumped when he fought, but so did most N’Gali soldiers. No, Jaylen’s difference lay somewhat deeper than his exterior and ferocious, ripped form.

He joined the space forces not because he loved war or fighting, but because carrying out orders and serving those superior to him satisfied him deeply. It also left very little time left over for the females of his race. They bored him.

They tried, but not all their gentle kisses and teasing strokes woke more than tepid interest. Purring and simpering might have stimulated any other male they met, but Jaylen needed more.

Much more. He was happier when his battalion leader was screaming commands than when those soft fuzzy females giggled and flapped their eyelashes at him.

Then came this war, lop-sided as it was. The creatures of the planet they’d just invaded were a curious species, like and so unlike his own. Jaylen was just a soldier, and not given to speculation about the deeper philosophical questions of the war, or why they’d attacked this planet. He only knew it had been over almost before it began, and now the N’Gali had a ship full of these creatures, and that baffled him. The N’Gali did not take captives, they did not enslave.

But the N’Gali were also dying. Fertility among their females had plummeted, and nothing their brightest scientists could devise had reversed this tragic course.

None of that really mattered to Jaylen. He’d yet to meet the female that could captivate him long enough to breed. Indeed, on this latest incursion many of his fellow soldiers felt the same. Most often, the fiercest warriors on the field ignored the pleasure females brought to serve them in the depths of space, just as Jaylen did. Clearly something else was needed, but even Jaylen did not know what that might be. Then came a curious set of orders.

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What makes this book a must-read and/or what inspired you to write this story:

Conquering the Aliens is about a dying race that decisively defeats Earth’s defense’s and captures thousands, but what were their true motives? Through separate, short, but interconnected stories this series explores love, power, and the power of love to heal. And sex, of course there’s sex.


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Runs September 1 – 30

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Author Biography:

Nelida Coy writes about sex. Passionate, right-now, gotta have it, with some BDSM and fem-dom elements. Short stories to kindle your fires, set in the boundless reaches of your imagination. Fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi stories with characters who'll leave you breathless.

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