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Book Review | Apocalypse How? (Dakota Adams, Book 1) by @GSurlak and @TinyFoxPress #scifi #spaceoper

Title: Apocalypse How? (Dakota Adams)

Author: Galen Surlak-Ramsey

Genre: Science Fiction, Humor, Space Opera

Book Blurb:

Find a ship they said…

It’ll be fun, they said…

Take equal parts Doctor Who, Firefly, and Indiana Jones, then add a dash of Douglas Adams and a little Neil Gaiman, and what do you get? The first of three books to the Dakota Adams series.

I never thought I’d have a bounty on my head the size of the Milky Way.

Of course, I never thought I’d be able to bend time, either.

But hey, life is full of surprises.

Don’t get me wrong, feeling like a goddess has its perks, but those perks come with a hefty price. My brain is tapioca. I’m stranded in the middle of dead space. Ratters are using me for target practice, and a giant, cybernetic monster named Oscar is trying to make me his chew toy.

All this because I played superhero (or thief, according to some) and snatched a doomsday device from an intergalactic mobster.

So if I don’t make it out of here alive, remember this:

Above all else, I want a Viking funeral.

My Review:

Dakota Adams is on the hunt for treasure. After getting a tip on a rare relic, she searches an abandoned ship. As soon as she gets her hands on it, she’s attacked by the ship’s security and barely escapes with her life. It’s worth a king’s ransom and places her in the cross hairs of many enemies. On the run with her trusty sidekick (a warrior space tiger), they discover the artifact’s power of time travel. As she travels through time, Dakota goes from one adventure to the next by the skin of her teeth. Will she stay one step ahead of the alien mobster whose time travel device she’s stolen or will she get her Viking funeral after all?

Apocalypse How? is a delightful rib-tickler science fiction romp. It’s part Hitchhiker’s Guide, part Spaceballs, part Indiana Jones and 100% hilarious. Dakota is a wise-cracking badass heroine with the uncanny ability to get out of jams. Her sidekick is the straight-faced person in this comedic duo. Brilliant. As you might’ve guessed, Galen Surlak-Ramsey spoofs on all the sci fi themes but does it in such a way as to make the reader chuckle.

Why is this a five-star book? The plot moved warp-speed which propelled me to see how fast I could whip through this book. The characters, while a touch cliché at times, were so much fun, I was sad when it ended. I wanted more! The action/adventure was spot-on. The dialogue, though, is what sells this as a must-read for me. I kept bursting out laughing as I read. People stared at me when I read it in public. Galen Surlak-Ramsey sure knows comedic timing and it was a joy to read. Highly recommend!

Favorite Character/Quote:

“Death is the black hole of life. There’s no escaping it. You can never actually see what it’s like without crossing the event horizon. And ever since death’s discovery, beings from across the universe have had countless thoughts on what the afterlife would be like, assuming there was one.”

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

A few moons ago, I was born in Oregon, but soon ended up in Florida and have lived there ever since. I’ve done a lot of things over the years, played piano (since 1st grade), joined the Marine Corps, jumped out of a few airplanes and taught others how to do the same. I’ve always been an avid gamer as well, and I enjoy taking pictures of the cosmos with my telescopes. I’m currently living somewhere in Southwest Florida where I wrangle four children along with the Mrs, and manage to pay the bills as a chaplain for a local hospice.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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