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Book Review | Tangled Love by @writerinagarret #historicalromance #bookreview #romance

Title: Tangled Love

Author: Rosemary Morris

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

Tangled Love is the story of two great estates. The throne has been usurped by James II’s daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange. In 1693, loyal to his oath of allegiance, ten-year-old Richelda’s father must follow James to France.

Before her father leaves, he gives her a ruby ring she will treasure and wear on a chain around her neck. In return Richelda swears an oath to try to regain their ancestral home, Field House.

By the age of eighteen, Richelda’s beloved parents are dead. She believes her privileged life is over. At home in dilapidated Belmont House, her only companions are her mother’s old nurse and her devoted dog, Puck. Clad in old clothes she dreams of elegant gowns and trusts her childhood friend, a poor parson’s son, who promised to marry her.

Richelda’s wealthy aunt takes her to London and arranges her marriage to Viscount Chesney, the new owner of Field House, where it is rumoured there is treasure. If she finds it Richelda hopes to ease their lives. However, while trying to find it her life is in danger.

My Review:

At first blush, fans of Jane Austen might be taken by this book. The first third of the book is a brilliantly written historical romance that sets the scene beautifully between Lady Richelda and Lord Chesney. In some ways, their finding a happily-ever-after at that point and then moving forward with the story might have made this book something I could recommend to everyone.

Alas, that was not to be. This is a book for lovers of conflict as conflict abounds. There was less conflict in the 100 years war then there is in the last 70% of this tome. The author can be credited for creating a multi layered conflict that is hard to fathom in how complicated it is. It is no small wonder any romance could survive or thrive in such an atmosphere.

The author did such a superb job of setting in stone the feelings of the main characters that I was dumbstruck with the ending and found it completely unbelievable. When something is so far down one road, it is highly unlikely to find it then on the opposite road, back at the beginning. Personally, I was extremely dissatisfied with the lack of detailed and lengthy vengeance being slowly done to the main protagonist whose antics and behavior the reader had to put up with for most of the book.

It had a great start but couldn't carry it through in my view.

My Rating: 3.5 stars

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Author Biography:

I write historical fiction, so I am fortunate to be only a 20 minute train journey from London, which offers so many possibilities for research about times past. So many things spark my imagination. During the last two years I took an open tour bus ride around London. Amongst the sky scrapers and modern buildings Old London can be discovered, including the street which J.K.Rowling used as a model for Diagon Alley in her Harry Potter series. For as long as I can remember, I enjoyed studying history, reading historical non-fiction, historical fiction and its sub-genres. I enjoy novels in which the characters’ behaviour is appropriate for the era in which they lived. The more I read the more fascinated I become, and the more aware of the gulf between historical periods and my own. Our ancestors shared the same emotions as we do, but their attitudes and way of life were different to ours. One of the most striking examples is the position of women and children in society in bygone ages. I don’t think it is possible for a novelist to be 100% accurate about life in former ages. However, the characters in my novels are of their time, not ones dressed in costume who behave like 21st century women. Of course, it is almost impossible to completely understand our ancestors, but through extensive research I ensure my characters observe the social etiquette of their lives and times. My previously published novels, set in the early 18th century and in the ever popular Regency era, and my previously unpublished historical fiction will be published by Books We Love as e-book editions and paper books.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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