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Book Review | Demigods by @joegiambrone #superhero #fantasy #bookreview

Title: Demigods

Author: J. Giambrone

Genre: Superhero Fantasy, Fantasy

Book Blurb:

When Supernaturals are implicated in terrorism the world is conditioned to look the other way, except for one dying little boy with nothing to lose.

In a world where reclusive Supernaturals are in touch with Dark Matter, the humans have spread out and claimed the earth. But with the ascendancy of Dragomir as Interim President of the Council of Power, everything is about to change.

Steven Arkin was human, but now he is the world’s only human-turned-Supernatural. Discovered in a car wreck by a radical physicist, Steve Arkin became the greatest “Lab Rat” our species has produced.

D’Andre Walker, ten-years-old, spends his last days watching TV in the Bronx Children’s Hospital. But, when a rare incident appears on screen, he becomes involved. The collateral damage–a murdered baby–appears to implicate Supernaturals. Are they bad guys or heroes?

When D’Andre is randomly selected to meet Supernatural Steve Arkin through the Wish to Dream Foundation, he speaks out about the baby in front of the world’s media, throwing Dragomir’s entire Supernatural New World Order into disarray.

The fate of the earth will be entirely up to Supernatural Steven Arkin.

My Review:

I never expected to find a book that was so Avengers Civil War as this book is. The author has crafted a work that will not only resonate with Marvel and DC Universe Fans but one that deserves feature film treatment. Without a shadow of a doubt, Steve Arkin could become the next beloved Superhero around the globe.

The storyline is gripping and edge of the seat stuff. The reader is forced to try to reason with why things happen and is left guessing what will come next.

Beyond the rich majesty of a superhero book, this book is truly much more. There are a couple of underlining themes. One is the difficult path people face with dealing with extreme grief. The second is the scourge that is the world's worst evil superhero - childhood critical illness. That the author is able to tell the story of Steve in a way that shows will can overcome grief is incredible.

Wouldn't be a dream of every parent of a critically ill child to be able to transform them from near death to Supernatural in ability?

The way that Steve's life mission seems to ease the suffering of the innocent is so very touching and really may be the most important lesson in the book. The great superhero that these ill children need is a miracle cure that can give them back life.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

J. Giambrone is an author and filmmaker in California.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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