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Announcing the 2021 N. N. Light Book Awards - Finalists #books #bestbooks2021 #bookawards #bookish

Everyone at N. N. Light's Book Heaven reviews a wide variety of books and 2021 was no different. We read and reviewed over 1,800 books this year. As the year draws to a close, we award the best books of the year (December 2020 - November 2021). Each of these books was given a 5 star or 5+ star review by N. N. Light's Book Heaven and they are highly recommended reads. Narrowing down to these finalists was a difficult process with the staff from N. N. Light's Book Heaven debating which books deserved the coveted finalist and winner awards. These are the finalists:


Releasing the Catch by Jeny Heckman

Anthology/Boxed Set:

Storm & Shelter by Alina K. Field and other authors

SOUL DEEP: Perspectives on Race, Relationships, Social Justice, and Hope by Stephany Tullis et. al.

Tinsel and Tatas by Claire Marti et. al.


No Known Address by Jo A Hiestand

The Romanov Legacy by Marilyn Baron

Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Coach by Sharon Buchbinder

Beach Read:

Return of the Runaway Bride by Nancy Fraser

Sundae My Love by Debby Grahl

Smoother Than Spumoni by Marilyn Barr

Children’s Books:

Charles McCheese: And The Childhood News Network by Emma Jean

Sticky Icky Vicky – Courage Over Fear by Alysia Ssentamu

Christian Fiction/Romance/Thriller:

A Measure of Madness by Kim McMahill

The Reluctant Queen by Lin Wilder

Coming of Age:

The Search for Synergy by Brett Salter

The Five Things by Beth Merwood

Moon Puddles by Robert Gamble

Contemporary Romance:

Breathe by Lucinda Race

Baked With Love by Peggy Jaeger

Unexpected by Jana Richards

Cozy Mystery:

Death by Sample Size by Susie Black

An Embarrassment of Itches by M.K. Dean

Penthouse, Pools & Poison by Louise Stevens

Dark Romance:

Reign of Temptation by A.G. Kirkham

Saint by A.G. Kirkham

Reign of Turbulence by A.G. Kirkham


Heart of a Traitor by CC Bolick

After the End by Joshua V. Scher

Erotic Romance:

Finding Tiegan by Hanna Park

Heart Throb by Janet Lane Walters

Harlow by Cadence Vonn

Erotic Romantic Suspense:

Desire and Deception by Sharon Buchbinder

The Horse List by Anna Lores

Houston by Cadence Vonn


Celtic Myst by M.L. Foxx

The Scarlet Queen by Mitch Reinhardt

Bloodstone: A Paranormal Fantasy Adventure by M.J. Mallon

Fantasy Romance:

In Mage We Trust by Heidi Vanlandingham

Lord of Druemarwin by Helen C. Johannes

A Breath of Sunlight by Sydney Winward

Fiction/Literary Fiction:

The Goalie by Angelo R. Lopez

Lineage: A History in Faith by Michelle Thompson

Historical Fiction:

Through Forests and Mountains by Margaret Walker

Tiponi by Evelyn Timidaiski

Historical Romance:

The Redemption of Heathcliff by Alanna Lucas

Spirit of the Winds by Judy Kentrus

The Price of Glory by Caroline Warfield

Historical Western Fiction/Romance:

The Three Widows of Wylder by Julie Howard

Until by Beth Henderson

Home in Wylder by Jane Lewis

Holiday Romance:

Merry Little Wishing Spritz by Cherie Colyer

Fixing Christmas by Peggy Jaeger

Red Velvet Crinkles by Maria Imbalzano


Hungry Business: A Short Story by Maria DeBlassie

Moonlight Becomes You by Robert Herold

Into the Macrocosm by Konn Lavery

Later in Life Romance:

Compromise by Marsha R. West

A Fox for Faith by DE Haggerty

Broken Halo by Rhonda Lee Carver


There’s So Much I Need to Say to You by Sutton Tell

Vintage by Steve Berman

The Bloodshed of the Betrayed by A.L. Slade

Medieval Fiction/Romance:

Rorik by Mary Morgan


The Awkward Armadillo by Aimee Larson

A Backpack, A Chair and a Beard by Eamon Wood

Playing Soldier by F. Scott Service

Middle Grade:

Mall Girl Meets the Shadow Vandal by Kimberly Baer

Agent Sam Carter and the Mystery at High Pointe Tower by D.V. Stone

Friends to the End by C.L. Colyer

Military Fiction/Romance:

Northern Dawn by Daniel Greene

A Soldier for Suzie by D.E. Haggerty


Haunted Water by Jo A. Hiestand

The Visitor by Terry Tyler

Shopping can be Deadly by Charlotte Stuart


The Successful Manager: Practical Approaches for Building and Leading High-Performing Teams by James Potter and Mike Kavanagh

Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids: Miracles and Teachings of Sai Baba by Ishwar Joshi Awalgaonkar

Heptagram: The 7-Pillar Business Design System for the 21st Century by Pamela Ayuso


Damned When I Didn’t by Cherie Colyer

Secret Spirit Guardians of Santa Fe by C.A. Masterson

Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen by Sorchia DuBois

Paranormal Mystery:

The Spiricom by Roslyn Reid

Scarlet at Crystal River by Randy Overbeck

Paranormal Romance:

Redeemed by Fire by C.J. Bahr

Healed With a Kiss by Sharon Buchbinder

The Witch of Rathborne Castle by Virginia Barlow

Regency Romance:

A Bonny Pretender by Aubrey Wynne

Fated Hearts by Alina K. Field

Romantic Comedy:

Dibs by Allison Hubbard

A Protector for Phoebe by D.E. Haggerty

Romantic Suspense/Thriller:

Fatal Recall by Gini Rifkin

Twisted Lies by C.B. Clark

Defending Sophie by Desiree Holt

Science Fiction:

Legacy of Power Season 1 by C.C. Bolick

Science Fiction Romance:

Steam Tinker by Laura Strickland

Requiem by PL Parker

Cosmic Boom by Pauline Baird Jones

Scottish Romance:

An Echo in the Glen by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Keeper of My Dreams by Susan Leigh Furlong


Drink Water Mind Your Business: A Simple Way To Focus And Get Started by Andrew Stuart

Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You by Donna Bond

Transcending Depression by Larry Godwin


The Victim’s Child by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson

Short Stories:

Dark Tales and Twisted Verse by A.L. Butcher

A Whisper on the Wind by Julie A. D’Arcy

Sports Romance:

GOAT by Liz Crowe

Numbers Game by Desiree Holt and Liz Crowe

Steamy Romance:

Andrew by Dania Voss

Never Enough by Nancy Fraser

I am not for Sale by Adriana Kraft

Sweet Romance:

Hope for the Holidays by Rachelle Paige Campbell

Time Travel/Time Travel Romance:

Return of the Raven by Judith Sterling

Spirit in Time by Julie Howard

Time of the Wolf by Julie D’Arcy

Urban Fantasy:

To the North by Evan L. Grove

Marked Raven by JB Dane

Dragon€ Baby Gone by Robert Gainey

Vampire Romance:

Honorable Rogue by Linda J. Parisi

Yes, Your Majesty by Jennifer Ann Shore

Smoke and Mirrors by Elise Nelson

Western Romance:

Cowboy August by Rhonda Lee Carver

Cowboy Boone by Rhonda Lee Carver

Cowboy Luke by Rhonda Lee Carver

Women’s Fiction:

Four Sisters by Mary Martinez

Heads Carolina by Grea Warner

Balance by Peggy Jaeger

Young Adult:

The Stillness Before the Start by Jennifer Ann Shore

Beyond the Dragonheads by Kelly Nichols and Alyn Rockwood

Perfect Little Flaws by Jennifer Ann Shore

Best Audiobook Narrator of the Year:

The Romanov Legacy by Marilyn Baron

No Known Address by Jo A Hiestand

Crying Woman Bridge by Vickie Britton

Best Book Cover of the Year:

Merry Little Wishing Spritz by Cherie Colyer

Legacy of Power Season 1 by C.C. Bolick

The Redemption of Heathcliff by Alanna Lucas

Best Book of the Year:

To the North by Evan L. Grove

Releasing the Catch by Jeny Heckman

Best US Author of the Year:

Susie Black

Sharon Buchbinder

Sydney Winward

Best Canada Author of the Year:

Nancy Fraser

Jana Richards

Sue Jaskula

Best International Author of the Year:

D.E. Haggerty

Alysia Ssentamu

M.J. Mallon

Congratulations to all the finalists.

The winners will be announced on Thursday, December 16, 2021.


Unknown member
Dec 11, 2021

Thanks you! This means so much to me.


Peggy Jaeger
Peggy Jaeger
Dec 10, 2021

Humbled and so honored!!


Judith Sterling
Judith Sterling
Dec 09, 2021

Thank you! So honored and grateful to be a finalist.


Unknown member
Dec 09, 2021

I'm honoured to be a finalist, thank you N. N. Light's Book Heaven!


Peggy Jaeger
Peggy Jaeger
Dec 09, 2021

So humbled

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