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Readers, check out the 2021 Book Heaven Bookish Gala and vote for your favorite book cover #books

Welcome to the 2021 Book Heaven Bookish Gala. The Met Gala was a couple of days ago and while I oohed and ahhed over the gorgeous gowns, I wondered if we could do something similar for books. What would a bookish Met Gala look like? The first thing that came to my mind was a book cover runway. Book covers are just like couture fashion, especially the ones that evoke emotion. I asked for nominations and below are what the readers chose. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Dearly Beloved by Peggy Jaeger

Today, Tomorrow, Always by Peggy Jaeger

Baked with Love by Peggy Jaeger

A Breath of Sunlight by Sydney Winward

A Shiver of Shadows by Hunter J. Skye

Forever Winter by Amber Daulton

Hometown by Wendy Rich Stetson

Bear with Me by Marilyn Barr

Undying Embrace: A Dracula Novella by K.L. Bone

Of Snow and Scarlet: A Little Red Riding Hood Retelling by Katherine MacDonald

Just in Time: An Out of Time Story by Pauline Baird Jones

Hotel King: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by Claire Marti

Villa del Sol by Martha Reynolds

Which one is your favorite?

I personally cannot decide. Submit your winner in the comments below and next Monday, September 27, I’ll let the winner know. They’ll get a special prize from us at N. N. Light’s Book Heaven.

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