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5 stars for A Day in the Life by Andrew Masseurs #apocalyptic #dystopian #suspense #thriller #bookreview #fridayfreebie

Title: A Day in the Life

Author: Andrew Masseurs

Genre: Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Suspense/ Thriller


Book Blurb:


CLBC International Book Excellence Award WinnerMystery, Suspense & Thriller Novella 'A dystopian novel for the ages.

'Michael awakens to a world where everyone has mysteriously disappeared. Not only must he come to grips with the sudden loss of his family, but he must also survive in a changing, overgrown, perilous earth filled with new predatory creatures while searching for his wife and missing daughter. A Day in the Life for a man on the edge surviving in a dangerous new world.

A gripping, suspense, thriller, apocalyptic debut novella by author Andrew Masseurs.

Book One in the A Day in the Life series.What reviewers are saying:


David's book blurb 5/5

'As debuts go I can’t fault the story one bit, Impressed is an understatement.'

Blue Reviews 5/5

For those craving a literary rollercoaster that defies expectations, this book is a ticket to an unparalleled reading experience.Highly recommend!

Midwest Book Review 5/5

Showcasing author Andrew Masseurs genuine flair for originality, a distinctive narrative storytelling style, and an impressive ability to engagingly entertain and compel his reader's full attention from beginning to end.


My Review:


A unique and creative spin on the post-apocalyptic/dystopian genre perfect for fans of Justin Cronin.


In Masseurs debut novella, we’re introduced to a relatable and realistic main character Michael Stevenson who is the epitome of your average dad with a love of kraft beer and his family—wife Teresa and daughter Lucy. When Michael wakes up to discover his family is gone along with most of humanity, his heartbreaking yet uplifting journey begins. His quest to survive and determination to find his wife and daughter rest at the heart of the story.


Complimenting Michael’s character is a memorable and distinctive cast of secondary characters also thrown into the madness of this new world.


The setting also plays an integral role—a character onto itself. Imaginative and complex world-building intertwine with Michael’s story, revealed bit by bit in a way that is understandable for the reader while immersing them in this new and terrifying reality. All and all an exciting start to an entertaining series.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Andrew Masseurs is a creatively restless spirit. While spending over twenty years creating music, four albums and an ep, he found himself inexplicably focused on writing one day on holiday. The result, his first exciting novella, A Day in the Life Novella (A Day in the Life Series, Book One)  Relishing the experience Andrew is now getting the second book in the A Day in the Life series,  The Day After (A Day in the Life Series, Book Two) ready for release and is currently writing the third book in the series.


Andrew is a loving husband and father to four kids living in the beautiful country that is New Zealand


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Reviewed by: Michelle


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