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A Fairy’s Quest by @mayatylerauthor is a BHW pick #paranormalromance #pnr #bookboost

Title A Fairy’s Quest

Author Maya Tyler

Genre Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

Book Blurb

A century ago, the fairy crown was stolen from Alina Lehrer's clan, but now the usurper is dead and it's time to reclaim what's theirs. Rylan Jackson, codename Orion, is The Court's most trusted assassin who always gets the job done. Until his target is Alina, the one woman he can’t resist. Fate has placed them on opposing sides for the crown, but Alina soon learns Fate isn't set in stone.


I’m going to Paris, the city of love. Maybe I’ll even have a passionate love affair.


Alina jerked her head up at the sound of the stranger’s lilting French accent. “Hello.” Hello, handsome. Did my imagination conjure this hunk?

“First trip to Paris?” His pronunciation of “pah-rhee” rolled off his tongue like


“Yes.” Alina twisted in her seat to get a better look. Her perceptive eyes sized up her companion. He was a gorgeous specimen of a man. Dark brown, shaggy hair. Hypnotic brown eyes. Strong jawline. Just a hint of stubble, like he had shaved that morning. Stop staring. “What gave it away?”

“The guidebook in your tote?”

“Yeah. That’ll do it.”

“Business or pleasure?”

Alina flashed him a suspicious “you’re a stranger, I’m not telling you anything” look.

He threw his arms up in mock defeat. “I am Rylan Jackson.” He extended his hand.

“A—” Wait a minute. I don’t need to give him a real name. It’s a good time as any to try on a new persona. “Allie.” She picked an alias, not so different than her real name, before reaching out to shake his hand. His hand was warm, rough, like he used his hands to make a living. Touching him sent a buzz of awareness swirling through her body.

“Now, we are friends, oui?”

His sultry smile disarmed her objections to the friendly conversation. It can’t hurt to flirt a little while I wait for my flight. It’ll be good practice.

“I suppose.” Alina ran her fingers through her hair. “What brought you to Chicago?”


He emphasized the word, rolling off his tongue like a promise. The air around her heated up, almost to the point of stifling. Oh, my. Resisting the urge to fan her face or pull at her collar, she took a sip from her water bottle. I have no words.

“Now, you. Are you traveling for business or pleasure?”

“I guess… pleasure. I needed to get away for a few days.”

“And you plan to take in the sights? Oui? The Eiffel Tower? The Louvre Museum? Versailles, perhaps?”

“That’s the plan.”

“Do you need a guide?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve seen that movie, and I know how it ends.”


“Girl goes to Paris. Meets guy at the airport. Girl gets kidnapped and sold as a sex slave.” Her cheeks flushed an impossible shade of red. “Not that I’m insinuating—”

“You are smart to be wary of strangers.” His face hardened, turning his chiseled jaw into pure stone. “I should not have suggested—”

An announcement over the PA system listed several delayed flights.

Alina glanced at her ticket and rolled her eyes. “Looks like we’re gonna be here for a while.”

“Would you join me for a café?”

I don’t know him. I should say no. She bit her bottom lip in consternation. Come on, Alina. It’s just coffee… What’s the harm?

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Author Biography

Maya Tyler is a multi-published author of paranormal romance novels and blogger at Maya’s Musings. An avid reader, Maya writes the books she loves to read—romances! Her paranormal romances come with complex plot twists and happily-ever-afters.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, listening to music (alternative rock, especially from the 1990s), practicing yoga, and watching movies and TV.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 14, 2021

Thank you, Maya, for sharing your book with us!

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Apr 14, 2021
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Thanks for having me!

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