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Trailer Reveal | A Spell of Rowans by Byrd Nash #video #trailer #fantasy #mystery #womensfiction

Title: A Spell of Rowans

Author: Byrd Nash

Genre: Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery

Publisher: Rook and Castle Press

Video design: by Rook and Castle Press and Arslan

Book Blurb

With their magical talents twisted by their mother, the Rowan siblings unite to solve her murder. A story of trauma and healing, and gaining power over a haunted past. - for fans of Practical Magic, Garden Spells, and The Witches of New York.

Magic and troubles come in threes.

The Rowan family: Victoria, whose empathic talent reads hidden feelings. Phillipa, with a glamour that bewitches. Liam, who can touch an object to reveal its past.

We all had our magic twisted by our mother’s games. After her death, I thought it was safe to come back.

But the police haul in my autistic brother for questioning about a murder, while my sister knows what Mother was really doing. Hint: nothing good.

And that hometown boy I dumped? He's now with the FBI and thinks he knows the truth about me.

Watch the Book Trailers:

Short Candle Trailer

Short Woman in Sunglasses trailer

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Author Biography

Spinning tales of subtle magic with unexpected twists, she packages satisfying stories that read like no others. Byrd writes the book you need, not the one you expected.

Described by one reviewer as a "literary glass of bourbon after a long day,” and another: "When I get a Byrd story, I know I'm in good hands."

Whether it is a Doppelgänger who was once a medieval knight now working in college administration, or an updated Red Riding Hood escaping a post-WWI wolf pack, her characters all feel real.

That Celtic goddess at the pet store? She's someone you know. A medieval queen fleeing an abusive marriage? You experience her pain and triumph.

With a B.A. in journalism, she worked as a newspaper reporter, covering news, schools, and lifestyle for both weeklies and dailies. She was the first journalist to serve as director of The Forest Heritage Center in Beavers Bend State Park, Oklahoma.

Her hobbies include reading, nature hikes, and traveling when she has the money. She seldom has the money. Married to a man who reads all her books but with two adult children who never read them. Byrd has cats, which makes her a legit author.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
11. Nov. 2021

Thank you, Byrd, for sharing your book trailers with us!

Gefällt mir
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