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5+ stars for All Cowboy and Pure Country by @RLCarver #westernromance #romance romcom #bookreview

Title: All Cowboy and Pure Country (The Brothers of Dove Grey Series Book 4)

Author: Rhonda Lee Carver

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

Book Blurb:

Gianna Mosley has it all. As a top influencer engaged to a baseball star, Sunny Banks, what more could she want?

A faithful fiancé?

Her assistant announces on a radio talk show that she and Sunny are having an affair and they’re in love, and Gianna’s world comes crashing down. The media has a field day with the scandal and fans blame her. Fast forward two years, she’s moved on from Sunny, but when she reads that he’s engaged to her ex-assistant, Gianna can’t help but feel a slap in her face.

Carter Dawson is celebrating his birthday over a couple of drinks and chicken wings at the local honky-tonk when he thinks it’d be funny to text his old friend and ask her to marry him. After all, when they were kids, they’d made a pact that if they were still single at thirty, they’d marry each other. When he wakes up the next morning with a fiancée, the joke is no longer funny. His name is plastered all over social media as the new Mr. Mosley. What the hell?

She went about things a bit cockeyed. Now she’s fake engaged and needs to plan a staged break-up. However, she and Carter both warm up to the idea that a pretend relationship is more fun than the reality of being alone.

Love ain’t so bad either.

Both have some dragons to slay. Gianna hasn’t trusted anyone since her ex cheated. And Carter can’t live in the shadow of her past relationship. Will love triumph? Or are they doomed?

My Review:

A marriage pact between friends suddenly becomes all too real for Gianna. Top influencer and podcast host Gianna is living the life she’s always wanted. Engaged to hot baseball player Sunny, she never saw it coming. On live radio, her assistant tells the world and Gianna she’s been sleeping with Sunny. Talk about a blow. The media grabs the juicy scandal and run with it. Six months later, Gianna has moved on…or so she thinks. A drunk text from an old friend gives her the perfect solution: a fake engagement to her friend Carter. Things rapidly escalate and something strange and foreign takes control. She likes playing at love with Carter. She’s not so sure she’s pretending anymore but she refuses to bare her soul to another man for fear of being abandoned. Can she trust her heart to Carter?

All Cowboy and Pure Country is a fun-filled western romance I couldn’t put down. Gianna is a likable heroine with her fair share of troubles. As a social media influencer and podcast host, it was entertaining to see her try to outdo her ex. Fake engagements are all the rage in romance novels, yet Rhonda Lee Carver puts her own western spin to this story. Carter is a great hero and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him and Gianna fall in love. The plot moves at a great pace with a full cast of characters to interact with. I love Carter’s family. The descriptive narration is immersive and will transport the reader into the story. The romantic tension offers just enough angst to woo the reader and keep the pages turning. If you’re a rom com reader, you’ll love All Cowboy and Pure Country. If you can’t get enough of contemporary western romance, pick up All Cowboy and Pure Country. Another brilliant read by one of my favorite authors. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Rhonda Lee Carver is a bestselling author of contemporary western and romantic suspense, but she loves to write other genres too. She's known for writing stories that keep readers laughing, crying, gripping the edge of their seats, and screaming all in one riding a virtual roller coaster. Whether she's creating sexy cowboys or tough guys, or sassy, independent heroines, readers are sure to find strong, powerful, memorable characters that are relatable.

By day, she taps into her creative, fictional world but at some point she transitions back into reality where she's a volleyball-stands cheerleader, homework virtuoso (at least she thinks so), amateur nurse to skinned knees, mediocre chef with some awesome microwave skills, pet-guru (all the strays show up at her house), and a Jackie of all trades for her kids who are the loves of her life. Yoga and chocolate keep her sane. Hallmark movies require cuddling up with tissues because she can be emotional. She adds a sprinkle of her own real-life adventures in each story she spins because a little truth never hurt anyone. She wouldn't give up one thing in her crazy, chaotic, ever-amusing life, except, she might do magic tricks for the bungalow on the beach she's had her eye on (GOALS).

Writing for Rhonda is like falling in love and finding a new best friend over and over again. Her characters will find a place inside your heart too.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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