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5+ stars for An Embarrassment of Itches by @McKennaDeanFic #cozymystery #petlovers #bookreview

Title: An Embarrassment of Itches

Author: M.K. Dean

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Cozy Pet Lovers Mystery

Book Blurb:

As a house-call vet, Ginny Reese has seen her share of the weird and wacky. But nothing in her previous experience could have prepared her to find one of her clients floating in her own swimming pool.

Local artist Amanda Kelly was extremely wealthy with her share of secrets. By naming Ginny as her heir, not only did she make Ginny the number one suspect, but she painted a big bull's eye on her friend's back as well.

With her trusty German Shepherd at her side, it's up to Ginny to find the real killer and prove her innocence to the sheriff. The new sheriff. Who happens to be her ex.

Piece of cake, right?

My Review:

Finding her friend at the bottom of her pool puts Ginny in the crosshairs of a killer and her ex, who happens to be the new sheriff. Ginny Reese loves being the local vet, making house calls night and day, but when she visits her friend and wealthy artist Amanda Kelly, Ginny finds her floating at the bottom of her pool. She calls the police but is in for the shock of her life when the new sheriff is none other than her ex, the man who broke her heart and left. Talk about awkward. As the sheriff investigates, Ginny keeps bumping into him. Ginny is floored when she finds out Amanda named her as the heir which only complicates matters. She’s now the number one suspect and with a killer still on the loose, it’ll be up to Ginny and her sidekick German shepherd to sniff out the killer before Ginny becomes the next victim.

An Embarrassment of Itches is a delightful cozy mystery I inhaled in one sitting. From the very beginning, I connected with Ginny and her pushback against the red tape of the local city government. Her inner dialogue is comical genius and I found myself laughing out loud several times. Her sidekick, a giant friendly German shepherd, steals many scenes in the book. The plot is intricate precision with plenty of characters to interact with. I loved the sparring between Ginny and the sheriff. There’s a bit of romance between these two which I enjoyed but don’t worry, it doesn’t detract from the cozy mystery. In fact, it adds depth to the overall story. M.K. Dean weaves a brilliantly written cozy mystery and An Embarrassment of Itches kept me guessing until the very end. If you’re a pet lover who loves cozy mysteries, you’ll thoroughly enjoy An Embarrassment of Itches. If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries, you’ll love An Embarrassment of Itches. If pet lovers' cozy mysteries are your reading jam, pick up An Embarrassment of Itches and start reading. I can’t wait for the next installment in this highly inventive cozy mystery series. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

M.K. Dean is the new pen name of award-winning author McKenna Dean as she delves into the world of cozy mysteries. Ms. Dean lives with her family on a small farm in North Carolina, that she shares with dogs, cats, and various livestock. She likes putting her characters in hot water to see how strong they are. Like teabags, only sexier.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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