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5+ stars for Black Lotus by @Kristal081670 #vampireromance #reincarnationromance #pnr #bookreview

Title: Black Lotus: The Reincarnation Series: Book 1

Author: Kristal Dawn Harris

Genre: Steamy Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Book Blurb:

What would you sacrifice for one more chance with the one you love? The past and the present collide when an antiquities thief travels to Alaska to a steal a cursed jewel said to be guarded by a vampire. A heated encounter with a legend leaves Sophia Daniels breathless, setting her on a course she never expected while memories from another life taunt her mind. The Black Knight rises to reclaim the woman stolen from him by death. A chance encounter, blood, and heartache converge to reveal the truth, only to find her life once again in the clutches of danger. Vampire Cassius Maxim is desperate to save her from death and find a way to earn a second chance with the woman he’s loved for centuries. Death looms on the edge of darkness even as desire threatens to consume them both. Can the thief and the vampire escape the past, and love…again? Trigger Warning...Mild violence. The Reincarnation Series is a steamy, multiauthor series based on the vampire, reincarnation, and a second chance at love. Each has a happily ever after. Read them all vampire romance lovers! Black Lotus, Book 1 – Author Kristal Dawn Harris Vintage, Book 2 - Author Laura M. Baird Switch, Book 3 - Author Hannah Morse Blood Tears Book 4 - Author Alyna Lochlan Eternity, Book 5 -Author April Hollingworth Renaissance, Book 6 -Author Kristal Dawn Harris Buccaneer, Book 7-Author Kristal Dawn Harris Dreamcatcher, Book 8 -Author Marilyn Barr Syre, Book 9 -Author Kyann Waters

My Review:

Would you give up your humanity for your long-lost beloved? Notorious jewel thief Sophia Daniels is on a mission to retrieve a diamond rumored to be guarded by a vampire known only as The Black Knight. Once on the property, she meets a handsome yet brooding man. With one touch, her mind is flooded with memories from a past life, a life with the man she’s just met, named Cassius. He pleads for one night with him and she agrees. Passion reignites her soul and she remembers everything. The choice she must make will change her life and his as well. Will she choose to become a vampire like him or walk away from an all-consuming love?

Black Lotus is a scintillating vampire romance from one of my favorite authors. In Black Lotus, two tropes emerge, vying for supremacy: vampire romance and reincarnation romance. My paranormal romance heart is all aflutter with expectation and this book didn’t disappoint. From the beginning, I connected with Sophia. She’s such a strong, independent, sassy heroine. Her reactions to vampires being real rings true and much of what she says is probably what I would say if asked the same questions. The link between Sophia and Cassius is visceral, raw passion. The emotion described in both POVs will take your breath away. The restraint Cassius has is impressive. The plot itself moves at a terrific pace with luscious romantic scenes to melt your heart and heat your skin. This is book one in a brand new multi-author series. I can’t wait to read them all. If you’re a paranormal romance reader with a love affair with vampires, you’ll want to read Black Lotus. If steamy vampire romances are your reading jam, pick up Black Lotus. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Kristal Dawn Harris is a multiple award-winning, RONE nominated, American romance author. She has been married for 30 years and has two children. Kristal finished a degree from Miami University in Accounting Technology, but quickly realized she preferred words over numbers. She is an avid reader and, in particular, loves darker paranormal romance. Her hobbies include coin collecting, physical fitness, stained-glass art (beginner), poetry, and song writing. Kristal writes paranormal, erotic, fantasy, as well as contemporary romance in different lengths. FROM THE AUTHOR My novels allow me to develop in-depth worlds and I've enjoyed writing each one. If you like a longer book then The Rings books, The Burn, or Three Propositions might be what you're looking for. My novellas always center on the romance between the hero and heroine. Most are designed to have a prior connection, so there is some basis for their relationship with a couple twists tossed in. It might surprise you to know, novellas and novelettes are my favorite to write. Not because of the length, but the focus on the couple. I like it hot, so expect The Red Heart series is actually historical erotic...light erotic. The Dragon's Gift, Blood Bond, and Seduction by Blood are paranormal erotic. Fair warning romance readers...ha!

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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