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5 stars for Bon Echo and The Competition by @ColetteBos4 #yalit #scifi #dystopian #bookreview

Title: Bon Echo and The Competition

Author: Colette Bos

Genre: YA Science-Fiction, Dystopian

Book Blurb:

Maven, a bookish senior high school student living in a small town in Ontario, struggles to win a scholarship to go to university. Instead, to her shock, she solves a heartbreaking mystery from her childhood, leading her to discover her true calling in the great fight against global warming. Read Maven’s diary along with her as she recalls her search for the true meaning of happiness and success through the power of fellowship, knowledge, and imagination. Still, none of this would have been made possible without the help of her extraordinary friend and mentor from a time before recorded history. Follow Maven and her fellowship focused on saving the world from global warming. “Bon Echo and The Competition” is an exciting science-based quest, filled with surprising adventures, and discoveries.

My Review:

The central theme of trying to arrest Global Warming will attract many to this book. Personally, the title caught my eye. When I was a youth, I used to hike at Bon Echo in the summer. Always remained a special place to me and suddenly, BAM here's a book titled Bon Echo...

The world-building here is incredible. The author has taken the necessary steps to set the groundwork for a skyscraper of a book series. As you read this book you will get to know Maven and her oft annoying bro. You will get to know their groups of close friends. You will have a hoot meeting Hoot, too.

The creative thought that went into the storyline is impressive. Centered on the need to do something to stop the Climate Crisis, this book nails that issue. Such a well-defined and clearly strident approach, it is lovely to read. I would surmise even those not accepting the fact of Global Warming will enjoy this book.

If you are a reader who is concerned about the future of the planet then read this book. Fans of science-based fiction will love this book. I personally can't wait for book two. Once you read the first book you will be hooked.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Colette has refocused her love of writing and web development into a new creative writing direction. This new direction has allowed her to incorporate her love of science fiction and her academic background in Geography into a more focused approach of environmental causes. This combined interest has resulted in her first book "Bon Echo and the Competition" in the Bon Echo Science Fiction Series.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 Comment

Colette Bos
Colette Bos
Feb 28, 2022

Hi Mr. N!

Thank you very much for your fabulous review of my new book Bon Echo and The Competition. I am elated that we have a common experience of Bon Echo Park in Ontario. As a child I grew up in the town of Kaladar, a short distance from the park, where my father used to own the Kaladar Hotel. Bon Echo Park is indeed an incredibly beautiful place. I still have fond childhood memories of the many visits to the park that my family use to take every summer! These amazing childhood memories allowed me to recapture and weave my love of nature back into this story, and then, hopefully, use it as a launch pad to cr…

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