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5 stars for Break Heart Canyon by Gini Rifkin #historicalromance #westernromance #bookreview

Title: Break Heart Canyon

Author: Gini Rifkin

Genre: Historical Western Romance with a twist of myth and legend

Book Blurb:

Unearthing artifacts in Colorado sounded like easy money to Ryker Landry. Then he met the woman who owned the land.

Una MacLaren vows no fortune hunter will desecrate the ancient relics of Break Heart Canyon—even if the man is a handsome scoundrel. Fighting to keep her goat farm afloat as local cattlemen hatch deadly schemes to make sure she fails, she has enough to worry about.

Captivated by the courageous redhead, Ryker joins forces with Una and her deer hound, MacTavish. But what does he desire most, the woman or the artifacts?

When the mythical white cougar again prowls the rocky cliffs, the legend of Break Heart Canyon draws them into a web of danger. Now only daring and blind trust can save them.

My Review:

Una vows to protect the ancient relics on her land, but one treasure hunter steals her heart when she wasn’t looking. Una loves her land and no one trespasses, not even a handsome rake looking for treasure. Dinosaur fever has hit Colorado and she must guard her land against thieves and the sort. When she meets Ryker, she shoos him off her land with her rifle and trusted deerhound. But times are difficult and it’s getting harder to keep her goat farm, so she teams up with Ryker. She’s not sure if he loves the artifacts more than herself, but she can’t risk him abandoning her. The legend of the white cougar has everyone talking. Danger circles Una and Ryker like a feral beast. Can they outsmart their enemies, or will they both perish?

Break Heart Canyon is a historical western romance I couldn’t put down. From the first page until the last, the story captured my imagination. I know next to nothing about the mad dash to find dinosaur bones prior to reading this book. After reading this book, I know all I need to know. Gini Rifkin weaves historical romance chockful of historical facts. It all starts with the descriptive narration. Using detailed narration, Gini Rifkin creates a world any reader can sink their teeth into. Each scene is beautifully described with historical accuracy, vibrant setting, engaging dialogue, and characters that come to life. The combative nature between the hero and heroine adds an extra layer of emotion to the story. The romance is unexpected yet realistic to the era. If you’re like me and like a spunky heroine, you’re going to love Break Heart Canyon. Gini Rifkin has penned another outstanding historical romance. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Gini Rifkin writes stories of romance and adventure. Her settings include the American West, Medieval and Victorian England, and Contemporary thriller and fantasy. When not writing, she has the privilege of caring for a menagerie of abandoned animals including ducks, goats, donkeys, and cats. Now learning to weave goat hair, her stories are not the only thing she’s spinning. Born in Illinois, when struck by wanderlust she moved to Colorado and met her husband, Gary. They spent vacations canoeing, doing Mountain Man reenacting, and traveling around this great country. A little bit of Gary lives on in every hero she creates. Her writing, a passion not to be ignored, keeps her hungry to learn new things, and she considers family and friends her most treasured of gifts.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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