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We just can't quit featuring book series spotlights! Book one for yourself today #bookpromo #promo

We just can't quit these book series spotlights!

Remember that old Hollywood quote, "I can't quit you."? Well, the same goes for our book series spotlights.

We stopped doing them last year when we ran into some glitches. So, we stopped offering them to our author clients. But lo and behold, they were brought back by popular demand at the start of 2023. Seriously, authors armed with virtual pitchforks demanded for series spotlights to return. LOL!

They are our number one service this month.

Want to know more?

Promote all the books in your series up to six for the low price of $24. You also get a custom graphic made by Nancy Light included.

Signing up is super easy. Go to our contact page to sign up:

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 19, 2023

Book with us today! Spots are available.

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