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5 stars for Burly Tales edited by the fabulous @thesteveberman #fairytales #burly #gay #bookreview

Title: Burly Tales

Author: Evey Brett, B J Fry, John T Fuller, John Linwood Grant, Jonathan Harper, Alysha MacDonald, James K Moran, Charles Payseur, Rob Rosen, Mark Ward, M Yuan-Innes, Ann Zeddies, Steve Berman

Genre: Fairy Tales Retelling, Contemporary Gay Romance, Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

What has been missing from the daring tales of fairy tale heroes is quite simply some heft. In Burly Tales, Lambda Literary Award-winning editor Steve Berman has gathered a dozen stories of whimsy and romance that feature gay men with plenty of curves and fur. Run away with us to enchanted woods, where the cubs and bears are not going to eat you (not without informed, enthusiastic consent), where no one will judge if you take up residence in a house with seven bearded men and only one bed, and where if you fall in love with a large, hairy man with a forbidding castle and a well-stocked library, he'll still be that way after you kiss him. Featuring an introduction by Matthew Bright and an afterword by award-winning ursine author Jeff Mann.

Edited by Steve Berman

Introduction by Matthew Bright

Three, to the Swizz'! by James K. Moran

The Red Bear of Norroway by John Linwood Grant

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Jonathan Harper

The Three Little Prigs by M. Yuan-Innes

Snow Melt and Rose Bloom by John T. Fuller

A Giant Problem by Charles Payseur

The Most Luxuriant Beard of All by B.J. Fry

The Man Who Drew Cats by Alysha MacDonald

Heft by Mark Ward

El Muerto’s Godson by Evey Brett

Lesson Learned by Rob Rosen

Bears Move In by Ann Zeddies

Afterword by Jeff Mann

My Review:

Fairy tales of the past have been cookie-cutter but now, thanks to these twelve accomplished authors, there’s a fairy tale for all shapes and sizes. Burly Tales is here and let us rejoice, for the curvy and heft now get their happily-ever-after, especially those of the bear community. Many of these fairy tales you’ll remember from long ago but with a fresh, new, gay vibe. I’ve got my scarlet hooded cape and my basket is full of goodies. Come away with me to a kingdom long forgotten where heroes look like you while going on a journey to find romance and a bit of magical misadventure.

Burly Tales is a delightful collection of reimagined fairy tales I couldn’t stop reading. As I read each story, I tried to guess which fairy tale/fable the author was using before it was revealed. Each tale features one or more gay heroes but honestly, I didn’t focus too much on that as I was having way too much fun reading. I am thrilled, though, that the gay community now has fairy tales of their very own. It’s about time. I’m a huge fan of fairy tales, especially when they are retold in a different voice and setting. In Burly Tales, I connected with the heroes right away. The humorous dialogue has me clutching my sides. The tender moments, the romance, the action, the adventure, the happily-ever-after endings came together beautifully to make my heart swell with love. Each author’s writing style is different, yet I enjoyed every single story. The flow from one story to the next is spot-on and I give credit to Steve Berman on the exceptional editing and formatting of this anthology. If you love gay romance and looking for a whimsical read, pick up Burly Tales. If you’re looking for a fantasy romance unlike anything you’ve read before, you’ll want to read Burly Tales. This is the must-read of the year and one I can’t recommend enough!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Steve Berman’s bio:

Some tidbits about me... I turned down a scholarship to Miskatonic University because I heard of the high rate of incidents against the student population. I briefly worked for Omni Consumer Products in their Marketing Department. Great benefits, nice cafeteria, sadly too prone to executive whim. Last year I stayed at the noted Mauna Pele resort in Hawaii. The accommodations were impressive but my traveling companion disappeared soon after wanting to attend a pig roast. I've slept with one minor porn star and with a guy who later became one. And I happen to have written some fanfic that inspired the memorable holodeck scene in Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers episode "Vigil".

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Twitter - @thesteveberman

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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