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Capturing the Last Welsh Witch by J.M. Davies is a book worth reading #paranormalromance #pnr #bookboost

Title Capturing the Last Welsh Witch


Author J. M. Davies


Genre Paranormal Romance


Book Blurb


A sizzling and thrilling ride in book 1 of the Rise of Orion Series! Ella Masters’s soul is five hundred years old, and in each life, she’s been betrayed by men.


This is her final life.


Legend dictates, she must meet her soulmate, or this time, death is eternal. Wanted for the murder of her latest boyfriend and on the run from the FBI, it doesn’t bode well for any would-be suitors.


Marcus Drayton has a sixth sense when it comes to people, which comes in handy as a special agent for the FBI. His latest assignment is to deliver Ella Masters, the Witch, in order to get the prized promotion in New York he's desperate for.


 But nothing goes to plan.


When he captures the mysterious Ella and realizes the Elusti are involved, the ghosts from his past force him to seek the truth. His chance for promotion goes up in flames, and everyone he loves becomes a target.


Ella's running for her life and freedom. Is Marcus the warrior she needs? Can she trust him with her heart and soul before it’s too late?




A soft steady beat thrummed in her ears and her fingers tingled. She stretched her slim digits forward over the rough and dusty surface of the fire grate, gazing back at the door to the kitchen and her exit before she turned around to continue her hunt. A sharp sting of electricity charged through her, letting her know she was close. Her hand sifted through the soot and rubble; she finally touched a solid object. Ella inched her fingers forward and tightened them over her discovery.




The smug masculine voice boomed close to her ear and her breath caught in her throat. A clicking noise and a distinctive snap brought her out of her frozen stance. How on earth had he caught up with her? She jerked her body forward and curved her fingers around her prize, only to be tugged back. Cold metal jammed hard against her left bony wrist and pulled her away. Snapping her head around sharply, she met Nate’s determined glare.


“I told you if you didn’t behave, I’d use other means.”


Ella watched the boiling inferno of absolute maleness that was Nate spew. Yanking her up off the ground, he quickly applied the remaining handcuff to his solid wrist. Stashing her find in her back pocket quickly, she tried to shove him away but he caught her free wrist to hold her; try as she might, they were shackled together.


She was his prisoner.


His dark gaze studied her face; his hand intently grabbed her chin firmly and he peered at her eyes closely. “Contact lens?” He ground the words out and the harshness startled her as they were so unexpected and for a moment she didn’t understand why he was asking such a question. Frowning, he repeated the question.


“What?” She stood next to him, completely baffled by his question at this point in time.


“Your eyes, Ella. They were mud brown and now they’re as blue as azure. Did you use contact lens?”


She opened and then snapped her mouth closed. She stared him down, straight into his dark, soulful eyes, unwilling to be intimidated by his size and her predicament but dropped her shoulders as if in surrender. “Yes! It’s an easy way to change one’s appearance. Sometimes, it’s necessary.”


One corner of his mouth twitched. “It must be tough being a preschool teacher these days.”


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Author Biography


J. M. Davies, Jen, believes everyone deserves a happy ever after, and while life may not deliver, she hopes her books do. Driven by her desire for interesting stories and tormented people, she writes paranormal and contemporary romance as well as women's fiction. The heat level may change as the stories and characters dictate, but the desire to leave you satisfied is the same throughout. Originally born in Wales, UK, she now lives in a small town in New England. Jen has found her own soulmate in her husband, Paul, who is her sounding board for many a plot, and his comedic humor, always lifts her up. He's also very good when it comes to bouncing ideas around, and has sparked brilliant light-bulb moments resolving tedious plot holes. Together they have four boys, one lovely daughter-in-law, and a grandson Zaiyan.


A few places you can learn more about J. M. Davies. Cheerleaders group 


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 29

Thank you, J.M., for sharing your book with us!

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