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New Release | Cobra Pose by Susan Rogers & John Roosen #mystery #technothriller #romanticsuspense

Title Cobra Pose

Authors Susan Rogers & John Roosen

Genre Mystery-Suspense-Techno Thriller-Romance

Publisher G-EMS PTY LTD and PS LLC

Book Blurb

Australia is a surfers’ paradise … but this is nefarious surfing on the ‘net’ … and will destroy the global financial system.

It’s not just a rippling ‘scam’ job. Has Australia been infiltrated at levels they’ve never known?

Elaina Williams uses a Cobra Pose in her Yoga studio to boost her energy – she will need it! Elaina’s father, Edward, is in trouble. He’s disappeared.

As a solicitor and now yoga instructor, Elaina drags Ric, a man she’s fallen for, into the bursting web of techno-thrilling intrigue.

Ric Peters has just returned from a disastrous trip to Indonesia. Ric bills himself as a photojournalist. Elaina suspects he shoots more than just photographs. Ric has insight into the journey he and Elaina must take. He knows Elaina isn’t ready for what’s going to happen. There are too many moving parts for him to control.

Time is running out before The Cobra and The Wolf strike with their heist. They are extending their fangs towards Australia’s ‘golden coastline’ to bite into and destabilise financial institutions worldwide.

The sparkling sub-tropical city of Brisbane, Queensland, is the epicentre of this hacking tsunami of the century! But these hackers are good at hiding. They make a living out of it. They are submerged Phantoms leaving no tracks.

Can the burgeoning amateur sleuth Elaina piece this puzzle together before her father’s fate is sealed? How far is Ric willing to go in deciding to save Elaina … or Australia?

Cobra Pose is the suspense-thriller and second novel in the Yoga Mat Mysteries series. This book is filled with a snappy plot, dynamic prose, witty dialogue, and slow-burn chemistry. You’ll love Susan Rogers and John Roosen’s atmospheric whodunit. Click Cobra Pose to stretch your sense of adventure today!

The first book, Dead Man’s Pose, is available online. Next in the YMM line-up is Tree Pose – coming soon!


Chapter 13 - The Chase Is On

SB was always busy between ocean surfing, skateboarding and flying through cyberspace. He relayed some recent chat room conversations to Ric and some observations.

‘Somethin’s brewin’, and it isn’t tea,’ SB reported.

‘Coffee, maybe,’ Ric responded.

‘What is it about you and coffee, Ric? You should try Dr Pepper. And anyhoo, there’s chatter about a big takedown, mostly rumours. Hackers like to crow.’

‘Follow that one, SB,’ Ric directed.

‘Lots of weird new entries. Including a chat from a person named Aussiebloke. Except the person’s English is a little off. Short sentences, kinda stilted. Spells without “U”s. Doesn’t sound Aussie. Maybe West Coast – US of A.’

‘That could be anyone. But check out that one, too.’

‘The discussion so far was talking about “segment placement and self-assembly” attack methods. He wanted some guidance. He didn’t quite have all the pieces, but Aussiebloke comes back to find me again and again.’

‘Right. Maybe a friend of your supercharged cyber-buddies.’

Ric figured Giles would explore one stratosphere of the net and SB another. ‘Okay, keep canvasing this, SB. Last year you said that finding a four-leaf clover was a one in 10,000 event.’

‘But only when examining the “right” fields,’ said SB.

‘Okay, keep monitoring fields with at least three-leaf clovers.’

‘Already there, Ric,’ SB said, clicking off.


At 7 am Ric drove to the Grand Chancellor Hotel and let Angelina know he was there. He resisted going up to her room. He couldn’t afford any distractions. A concierge followed her out, ostensibly to open the door for her, but Ric figured he wanted to gawk. Men routinely gave Angelina a second glance, often a third. As she slid into the car, her perfume filled the interior. Her hair was tied back with a red velvet ribbon, and she wore form-fitting slacks with pull-on low-cut leather boots. Her white blouse was tailored to fit, and she had a leather flight jacket with the ever-present leather briefcase. She was ready to parachute in and solve any major problem.

‘It’s like old times at a ‘Cyclops Institute’ class, except school’s out now,’ she said.

Ric responded in the best business tone he could muster. ‘Mr Williams has worked his magic. You have a brand-new pass. It’s restricted; however, you’ll have everything you need in the Locust Pod while this operation is being carried out. I will have to escort you wherever you go.’

‘Niiice. Does that include the ladies’ room?’ Angelina asked with a smile.

‘No, I’ll pass on that.’

She liked being around Ric and remembered fondly the classes they had together in the States. He wasn’t a pushover like most men. Most men seemed to be mesmerised when they were around her. Ric was more of a challenge. He was like a wild horse brought in from the Wyoming Range. Used to running free, having his own way. He just needed to be broken in. She knew how to handle the reins.

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Author Biographies

What do a woman, who used to train military personnel how to shoot straight, and a man, skilled at eradicating all sorts of hazardous materials safely, have in common? Besides both being designated law enforcement officers, they have now written two ‘knock ’em dead’ books … together!

John Roosen started his career as a biologist, served as a naval officer and environmental emergency specialist in the United States, and has lived and worked in Australasia, Antarctica and the Middle East. At a moment’s notice, he would respond to chemical and refinery plant explosions, deal with rocket fuel plant meltdowns and dismantle illegal drug labs. As a change-up, John switched careers to chasing pirates and duelling with a con artist extraordinaire on a remote South Pacific island. In between, he organised jungle expeditions and deep-sea scuba diving. However, John’s experience extends beyond responding to cataclysmic disasters and includes mastering the intricacies of making soufflé omelettes without burning the edges.

Susan Rogers already knew she was a writer at age six, but as an adult she took a major detour in becoming a commissioned naval officer. She has conducted sting operations, run extensive weapons training programs and directed the restoration of a Presidential yacht. In between, she has written several books, run health and safety operations for multi-billion-dollar projects in Abu Dhabi and revamped a South Pacific maritime service. Susan continues to write: whether braced against the hull of a sailing vessel on a hard tack, during a crossing of the Middle East’s empty quarter in a Mini, or bouncing around in a troop carrier in Australia’s outback.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Mar 14, 2023

Thank you, Susan and John, for sharing your latest release with us!

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