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5 stars for Coconut Macaroon Scandal by @Virgini35142126 #holidayromance #romance #bookreview

Title: Coconut Macaroon Scandal

Author: Virginia Barlow

Genre: Holiday Romance

Book Blurb:

When Emma Davis is summoned to her hometown on negligence charges her world turns upside down. She faces losing everything she worked so hard for, her bakery and her inheritance. She's met all the conditions of the will but one--a fiancé. Jilted and mistrustful, Emma cannot face her family alone. When Gran's ghost recommends a particular customer for the job, Emma closes her eyes and proposes.

Sebastian Lewis agrees without hesitation. He's had his eye on this beauty for some time. She has qualities none of the women in his past possess. Determined to make their engagement real, Sebastian follows her home until an emergency calls him away.

Emma's past and insecurities rise as her life and future are threatened.

My Review:

Forced to return home or lose her inheritance, Emma proposes to a relative stranger and finds nothing soothes a weary soul like love. Emma Davis has a thriving bakery business and hasn't thought about her family in years. She receives a summons claiming negligence, she doesn't know what to do. She's fulfilled Gran's will except for one tiny detail: she's not married, not yet anyway. Her greedy parents and sister would love nothing better than to have all of Emma's inheritance. Gran's ghost appears to Emma with a plan. Emma explains her dilemma to handsome customer Sebastian who agrees to play her fiancé. They return to Emma's hometown and are a couple. Everything goes well until an emergency calls Sebastian home. Misunderstandings ensue and Emma immediately thinks the worst. Emma must hold her own against her scheming family. Will she stand up to them once and for all, standing on her own two feet? Or will she crumble under the pressure, like in the past, and lose everything?

Coconut Macaroon Scandal is a riveting sordid tale about family run amok, greed, lies, deception, attempted murder, a fake engagement, romance, and a scandal. This book is so juicy, it should be on reality television. Emma is such a sweet heroine and I kept rooting for her to kick her family all the way to prison. Sebastian is the kind of unassuming hero every woman adores. But these two have so much drama in their lives, it's hard to see the truth through all the lies. So, it's understandable they're leery when love comes along. Emma's parents and sister needed to be more punished than they did in this book, in my opinion. But that's just me. The plot is rather original and moved at a great pace with plenty of characters to interact with, even though you might not like all the characters. I despised Emma's sister with a fiery passion yet loved Gran. Gran is a very smart woman and I applauded everything she did to help Emma. There are tons of drama, perfect for those who binge-watch reality tv shows. The romance is understated but I enjoyed it. Like Emma says at the end, "Who doesn't love a scandal?" Coconut Macaroon Scandal is a contemporary romance you'll want to read.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I have been an avid reader most of my life. My first day of kindergarten was a great disappointment because I was finally at school, and they didn’t teach me to read. It only got better from there. I used to hurry with my work so I could spend the rest of the day curled up somewhere with a book. I enjoy knitting, crocheting, and quilting. I have two large dogs, Beethoven and Mozart. Both are good company while I tap away on my keyboard. I have worn many hats over the years including, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, hostess, housekeeper, EMT, lieutenant, supervisor, lead, and now I am adding my dream hat, author! I am so excited to be here!

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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