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Cyphers and Sighs by Glen Hellman is a book worth reading #espionage #thriller #audible #bookboost #ku

Title: Cyphers & Sighs


Author: Glen Hellman


Genre: Espionage/Thriller


Book Blurb:


From the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the streets of World Capitals, Ryan is plunged into a whirlwind of danger, secrets, and unexpected alliances. As the intricate plot unravels, he grapples with personal demons, strained family ties, and newfound passions.


Cyphers & Sighs is not just an espionage thriller; it's a journey into the human spirit, testing the boundaries of love, loyalty, and resilience. As the pieces of this intricate puzzle fall into place, readers are invited to question: In a world of shadows and secrets, how much would you risk for the truth?




Amidst the gaiety, Chris issued a challenge, "Alright, Ryan, if you're such a stud muffin, how about you show us how it's done, boss man."


Ryan raised his hands in mock surrender, " I haven’t been on the prowl for eighteen years, and bar chatter wasn’t my forte back then. What do I say to her? Something corny, like, haven’t I seen you someplace before? Or come here often?" Despite his protests, the crew wouldn’t let him off the hook. Peer pressure, he thought, was like WiFi - you don't see it, but when you're connected to a bad network, the signals are all too clear.


Drawing a deep breath, Harman approached her. For a brief second, he was lost in the depths of her captivating hazel eyes. Mustering up his courage, he teased her with the first thing that came to mind: "Buy me a drink."


She arched an eyebrow, “Isn’t it the other way around? Aren’t you supposed to buy me a drink?”


Ryan noticed a slight Eastern European accent, then grinned, and relying on the quick-thinking improvisation skills that had served him so well in business, he responded, “I wouldn’t want to do that to you.


“Do what?” She asked with a curious smile.


“Well, If I buy you a drink, we’d chat and laugh; I’m funny and a likable guy; I’d buy you another drink, we’d laugh some more, and after a few more rounds, I’d ask you to join me in my room up at the Drake; you’ll be a little drunk, you’d feel tipsy and obligated, I wouldn't want to put you in that position."


She playfully narrowed her eyes, "Alright, cowboy. I’ll buy you a drink.”


Now Ryan’s smile turned devilish as he figured out what to say next, "No, forget it. I don’t want your drink.”


“Wait, what? What now?”


And he calmly explained, “You see, you’ll buy me a drink, we’ll laugh, have another drink, and pretty soon… 


He was cut off as she grabbed him by the tie and pulled him until they were nose to nose. “Your move, funny boy.”


Before Ryan could say another word, a rush of familiarity washed over him. The petite and feisty Carla was by his side, planting a peck on his cheek. "Honey, we need to get home. We only have the babysitter till eleven." The statement, though a playful jest, served as a stark reminder. Ryan's thoughts immediately drifted to Phoebe, his ten-year-old daughter. The evening's escapade might have to wait for another lifetime.


As they walked away, Carla said to him, “You looked like you needed some help there.”


He looked into Carla’s warm brown eyes, took a moment, and said, “Thank you for bailing me out. I had no idea how I was going to exit that gracefully.”Carla smiled and replied, “I knew you weren’t going home with her. That’s not who you are.”Ryan wasn’t so sure about that as he thought, “I didn’t enter that little chit-chat thinking it would lead anywhere… but that was close to the first time I ever thought I might cheat on Amy. Who knows where it would have gone if Carla hadn’t pulled my ass out of the fire.”


The moment the aiCheckmate team left Pippin’s, a beautiful raven-haired temptress, seated at the bar, removed her mobile phone from her purse, dialed an international number, and said, “Almost, but not yet. I’ll try again later tonight.”


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Free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Also available in audiobook on Audible.








Author Biography:


Glen Hellman’s career began in 1978 when he joined an early-stage technology startup. Since then, he has been a pivotal member of numerous startup teams, contributing in roles spanning sales, marketing, and product management. He has also served as a senior executive, board member, and investor.


Today, Hellman is a distinguished faculty member at the University of Maryland. He instructs Ph.D. researchers from a plethora of esteemed institutions, including Carnegie Mellon, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, Howard University, George Washington University, Virginia Tech, Hampton University, University of North Carolina, and NC State. His teachings are part of a National Science Foundation program that aims to transform innovative technology from federally funded university labs into commercial applications.


Beyond academia, Hellman is a sought-after executive leadership coach. He collaborates with CEOs and executive leadership teams, either in one-on-one sessions or peer groups. His primary objective is to guide these leaders in discerning their next steps and ensuring they take decisive actions.


"Cyphers & Sighs" marks Hellman’s debut in fiction. He has also penned the non-fiction title, "Intentional Leadership," a definitive guide for leaders aiming to cultivate trust and confidence while building and leading high-performance teams. The book is available on Amazon.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 12

Thank you, Glen, for sharing your book with us! It sounds soooo good!

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