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DeathMarked (EverMarked Book 2) by @AJEversley is a BHW pick #yalit #yascifi #scifi #giveaway

Title: DeathMarked (EverMarked Book 2)

Author: AJ Eversley

Genre: YA, Scifi

Publisher: Aelurus Publishing

Book Blurb:

Hunting artifacts while being hunted by deadly creatures that are impossible to outrun. That’s what Sienna must do. The DEZ might have given her military training, but nothing could have prepared her for her new life in The Void. Sure, there are other Marked kids in this vast, dark place. But they’re not her friends – they’re competition.

At least she has Theo. But where is Vic? Sienna knows her innocent friend will never survive in a place like this. She has to find her. Even if it means killing every Reek she can find.

Meanwhile, Jayla is struggling to come to terms with the loss of Cas, while trying to learn what is behind the giant wall. More importantly, she must learn how to get there to keep her promise to the Marked kids. A promise she’s so far failed.

But the more she learns, the more she fears.

If Sienna and Theo are going to live for more than a few days, they must do what no Marked kids have ever done. They have to get out of this place.

Help can come from unexpected places. But so can enemies. Traitors lurk where least expected, and Jayla and Sienna must both learn to rely on people they don’t trust to stay alive.



The moon and stars provided a dim light over the dark, beautiful forest. Trees swayed in the subtle breeze, as if trying to lull me back to sleep, but I knew I wouldn’t sleep tonight. I’d hardly slept in days. It was always quiet here—artificially created silence. I didn’t need to hear the sounds outside the glass window I stared through to know they were filled with terrors and nightmares.

Our first night here, I’d thought, for just a split second, maybe this wasn’t that bad. Maybe this place was a step up from the cement prison of the DEZ I’d spent my entire life in. But then they came. Like a wave of living darkness, they hammered against the glass wall separating us from the forest. Separating us from them.

The glass held strong that night, as it has every night since. But it didn’t stop the pounding in my heart or the breaking of my soul. The fear inside of me swelled when the sun set, and I knew it would be too much to hope this nightmare didn’t become my reality, but wishing and praying were useless now. It might be too late for Vic, if she were in that forest already. Who could survive those monsters alone?

My gaze fixed on the forest—Theo asleep at my side—and I waited. My fists clenched in the blankets, and tightness spread across my chest. Breathe. They can’t hurt you here, I reminded myself. But still the panic and fear palpated through my veins because they would come. They always came, and there would be no escaping them.

The clouds parted and the moon shone brighter, just as the black figures approached and consumed any beauty the forest once held.

Chapter 1 – Jayla

My fingers rapped impatiently against the table as we waited. For an hour, Emery and I sat in a conference room at Watchers Headquarters in hopes we’d get to see Commander Reyes this time. It was the fifth day in a row requesting a meeting with her. This was as far as we’d gotten. The first days we were turned away politely. In the last few days, however, we’d been manhandled out the door and told not to return until Commander Reyes contacted us.

I couldn’t stop the fear coursing through me, even while I kept my calm demeanor and confident swagger on full display. I would wait here for hours if I had to—for Cas I would wait forever—because we needed to get him back.

When we’d arrived this morning to seek an audience with Reyes, I was surprised to find Officer Cortez waiting for us at the front door to Watchers Headquarters.

“You can’t keep coming here,” he’d said.

I shrugged. “Sure, I can. There’s no law against standing outside a building.”

“She’s busy. She’ll get to you when she has time.” A vein at his temple looked ready to burst.

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I’m one of the authors participating in the Spooky Halloween Bookish Giveaway and you can win an e-copy of EverMarked (EverMarked Book 1) by AJ Eversley.

Runs October 1 - 31 and is open internationally for most prizes.

Winners will be drawn on November 2, 2020.

Author Biography

As an avid reader from a young age, it only made sense that one day I would write my own stories. I grew up in a small town in central Alberta Canada where there wasn't much to do but read, cheer on the Oilers and attempt to enjoy the long winter months.

​After high school, I attended college where I played 4 years of college basketball and eventually went into Recreation as a career. I stayed at the college I graduated from, where I am currently still employed full-time (as well as writing full-time...some days I wish clones were real so there could be two of me!) and am heavily involved in the fitness industry.

​My first book series, The WATCHER Series, was self-published in 2017 and later picked up by Aelurus Publishing to be republished. The three-book series, along with a second four-book series The HIDDEN WAR, set in the same world will ALL be released in 2020.

​Currently, along with finishing up the above series, I am working on my first YA Fantasy series called The BANISHED PRINCE (check out a sneak peek in my blog) which I hope to have out soon as well!

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