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5+ stars for Desire and Deception by Award-Winning Bestseller @sbuchbinder #steamy #romsuspense

Title: Desire and Deception

Author: Sharon Buchbinder

Genre: Steamy Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

Let's Just say, I believe in Saints...

Pampered princess and daughter of a drug lord, Isabel Ramirez, is on her way to grabbing the brass ring in the legitimate world of academia when her boss gets in the way. Isabel’s take no prisoners approach ensures the department chair will never expose her deceptions.

Graduate assistant and guy-on-the-side, Sean Richards wants Isabel to leave her sleazy husband. He’s convinced he can bring out the better woman beneath that tough sex siren exterior. He will do anything for his voracious lover—except commit murder.

As a nosy colleague follows a trail of clues that lead to her door, Isabel is forced to make a choice. Will she kill her friend to stay out of jail? Or will she redeem herself and become the extraordinary woman she sees in Sean’s loving eyes?

My Review:

Spoiled and used to getting what she wants, Isabel Ramirez is a force to be reckoned with. She's the daughter of a drug lord and climbing the ladder of success in a professional academic field. Just when she's about to get everything she's ever wanted, her boss uncovers her lies. Together with her boy-toy and graduate assistant, Sean Richards, she hatches a plan. No problem, a little 'accident' takes care of her boss. The one person she doesn't count on is her friend nosing around. Isabel is facing a tough decision: kill her friend to hide the truth or come clean and be the woman Sean knows her to be?

Desire and Deception is an inferno of romance, suspense, and moving ahead in the academic arena. There's plenty of twists and turns in this steamy romance which made for a compelling read. Sharon Buchbinder is known for paranormal romance and it was refreshing to see her tackle blistering hot romantic suspense. From the first page, I was enraptured by the character Isabel. She's a clever mix of a siren, social climber, villainess, and lover of younger men. She does have a vulnerability that can only be seen by looking underneath all the tough exterior. Sean saw it and so did I. I'm familiar that tenure is cutthroat but who knew it would be so thrilling to read? Sharon Buchbinder is a brilliant writer with a gift for building suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Desire and Deception. I recommend this book to any reader who loves steamy romantic suspense with strong heroines. I look forward to reading more of this from Sharon Buchbinder.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Amazon best-selling author Sharon Buchbinder's broad range of writing includes internationally best-selling textbooks and award-winning novels that tell haunting tales of love, family secrets, forgiveness, extraordinary abilities, truth, justice, and redemption. She believes happily ever afters are born through strengths developed in overcoming adversity in fiction and real life. If you enjoy authors Heather Graham, Christine Feehan, and Nalini Singh, you will probably enjoy Sharon's Western romance ghost stories, woven with supernatural, Native American paranormal suspense elements. Set in small towns in the American West with strong female heroines, sexy male heroes, secret government agencies, undercover agents, shape-shifters, werewolves, weretigers, ghosts, jinnis (genies), telekinesis, teleportation, remote viewing, these stories will make you wonder about those bumps in the night. For more information go to

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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