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5 stars for Driveway Modding Warrior: DIY Money-Saving Guide to Sports Car Modifying at Home on a Budget (Driveway Warrior Adventures) #cars #carmodifying #modding #petrolheads #bookreview

Title: Driveway Modding Warrior: DIY Money-Saving Guide to Sports Car Modifying at Home on a Budget (Driveway Warrior Adventures)

Author: S.L. Lucas

Genre: Car Modifying, Automotive Repair, Nonfiction


Book Blurb:


Known for his double award-winning DIY car detailing book ‘Driveway Detailing Warrior,’ and his blog, S.L. Lucas’s second book in the Driveway Warrior series shares everything he knows about keeping your car sexy, cool, and current looking - whether a sports car or family saloon, without breaking the bank.

Written to enable us all to experience the pleasure and pride that comes from a car that has been transformed through desirable modding into a fresh and youthful-looking version of itself. Driveway Modding Warrior finds the author generously sharing his top ten money-saving and inspirational modding projects, along with amusing anecdotes that will put a smile on the face of every petrolhead.

Informative, entertaining, and with its contents even more pertinent as we lurch further into this cost-of-living crisis, Driveway Modding Warrior is a stand-out read for all petrolheads.

Psst, did you know that a dull, standard car could be a disaster for your street cred and self-esteem?


In this refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, S.L. Lucas serves up ten inspirational in-depth chapters full of sage advice, money-saving DIY modding projects, and the odd heart-warming story.

To Help You:Understand the link between modding and well-being as you journey fearlessly through the processes to achieve classy, professional results for your ride. By following simple, tried, and tested step-by-step guides, you can keep your ride modern and ‘bad’ at a fraction of the cost professionals charge.


My Review:


Back with a second great book, this book is for every car owner who loves his/her car!  Doesn't matter if it is a sports car or your can find tips in this book to make it look better, sound different or just make you happier.


Here in this book, the author does a tremendous job of highlighting safety concerns. Unlike in the first book, there are some more physical chores involved in modding up the car.  If you do not follow the strict safety guidelines listed, then your car could be the death of you.


A really well written technical book for car owners. If you have the first book, you must get this one. The formatting again is so user friendly. If you only need or want to upgrade a couple of things, you can find those easy in this book.  A must own for every car enthusiast!  Another superb book that will save avid car owners cash while helping make their rides even more special.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


S. L. Lucas is the owner and creator of the popular 'Driveway Detailing Warrior' home detailing blog and is a blogging mentor in the DIY home detailing community. A published writer for the local press as well as a Porsche monthly magazine, he has bought, sold, detailed, cherished and spiritedly driven three different Porsche models since 2002. He lives in Brighton and continues to detail, modify and enjoy his current cherished Porsche Cayman 987.2 around the B-roads of Sussex and beyond.


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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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